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100,000 Musicians Support Charities Through ‘Music for Good'
Huffington Post
Since March 2013, Music for Good has become a major movement, one that establishes and nurtures philanthropic mindsets and reinforces the premise that independent musicians have influence that can lead to real impact.


Entrepreneurial Symphony
Greg Sandow/Jeffrey Nytch (blog)
Jeffrey Nytch, director of the University of Colorado-Boulder music entrepreneurship program is also a composer.  He recently wrote about the collaborative commissioning process behind his first symphony with the Boulder Symphony and Geological Society of America.

Video Game Music Is Making Symphony Orchestra Awesome Again,  Thanks to 'Zelda' And 'rePLAY'
Huffington Post
With the help of a few band geeks and game developers, a few of the gaming community's favorite soundtracks are making live symphony orchestra awesome again.


Twenty Years Of Philadelphia's "Avenue of the Arts" 
The Philadelphia Enquirer
An overview of the remarkable activities in and around the Kimmel Center, home of the Philadelphia Orchestra, since its opening in December 2001.  There are many lessons learned and much to celebrate.

Innovation? Maybe That's A Trap For Arts Organizations
HowlRound (blog)
"The world is changing radically and so must we… Where innovation thinkers see ill-adaptive organizations, I see decades of unsupported art and artists, energy and money thrown at institutional issues, as if this can make the art relevant.”

Has The Arts Innovation Industry Got it Wrong?
CultureBot/Andy Horwitz
“Why does everyone keep insisting that it is only the organizations and artists that are broken and need fixing?” A discussion about the assumptions behind The Arts Innovation Program.

Challenge: We Shouldn't Rely On Schools To Educate in Arts. The Cultural Sector Must Do It
The Stage News (UK)
London’s Southbank Centre artistic director Jude Kelly has said that the creative industry should stop waiting for the government to introduce changes that will improve arts education in schools. Instead, she argues, there needs to be a “complete overhaul” of delivering it through the cultural sector.

A Great Culture Needs Visionaries and Forward-Thinking Political Leadership (And That's Endangered)
Toronto Star
"Many, if not most, of the venues and the institutions that we now take for granted were established by visionaries who, in marked contrast to the prevailing political and social preoccupations of today, were thinking beyond the fleeting moment of their present."

Documentary Focuses on Collapse of Music Industry around the Internet Revolution
The Unsound Movie (website)
Unsound is a documentary that reveals the dramatic collapse of the music industry and the unintended consequences the internet revolution is having on creators of all kinds. Featuring noteworthy musicians, filmmakers, journalists, and beyond, Unsound explores the struggle for creators trying to survive in the age of free.

The Crowd is Squeezing Out Professional Critics
New Statesman
User-generated content is driving out expert or elite opinion and this is affecting the film reviewing trade in particular. “Everyone’s a critic” is no longer a Hollywood curse but a simple statement of fact.

Louisville Orchestra Appoints 26-Year-Old Music Director
Louisville Courier-Journal
Teddy Abrams "who will begin a three-year contract as music director in September 2014, has been the Detroit Symphony Orchestra's assistant conductor since 2012. There he has curated the content of the orchestra's education concerts and concerts intended for families and reached new audiences through neighborhood performances."


SURVEY: Understanding Musicians’ Revenue Streams
Artist Revenue Streams (website)
Meteoric transformations in the creation and distribution of music over the past ten years have drastically changed the landscape for musicians. In 2010, FMC launched Artist Revenue Streams – a multi-stage research project to assess whether and how musicians’ revenue streams are changing in this new music landscape. The results are worth going through carefully!

How Not to Discount Ticket Prices, Part II
Selling Out (Blog)
When you discount at the last minute you're usually doing it in a panic and making a big mistake, says Jim McCarthy, CEO of Goldstar.

David Bowie's New Music Video Cost Just $13 To Make
Business Insider
David Bowie made the music video for his most recent song using $13, a personal camera, and his New York offices.

National Theatre Reports Record-Breaking £87 Million Income
The Daily Telegraph (UK)
The theatre has reported its highest income ever, along with an audience reach of 3.6 million worldwide it claims is “unmatched by any company in the world”. The figures, released in the [NT’s] annual report, come despite the much-maligned arts cuts, with the National Theatre suffering a 4.4% reduction in Arts Council grant.

Showing Economic Impact of the Arts on a Community leads to Strong Local Government Support
Americans for the Arts blog
Jody Ulich, President of the Arts Council of Fort Worth & Tarrant County, reports on the power of the argument that arts provide economic benefit to communities.  In the last round of budget discussions, “we talked about the conservative impact of $84 million coming into the Fort Worth community because of the arts, and it was truly one of first times people realized the tangible positive impact in our city. This made a huge difference.”


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