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Why Should the Arts be Publicly Funded?
Theatre Communications Group
Playwright J.T. Rogers and economist Eric Helland disagree on the efficacy of public funding for the arts. New Dramatists in New York City, recently hosted the debate, calling it “Beyond the Culture Wars: Arts Funding in America, Part 2.”


New York City Ballet Makes Its Own Web Series
The New York Times
What does it really take to be a dancer in New York City Ballet? In city.ballet., a new web series to be released by AOL On Originals, key ingredients are strength, grit, talent and perseverance. Having a life outside ballet is not a bad idea. And when all else fails, reach for the wine.

Menahem Pressler: On Following Your Heart
The Bulletproof Musician (blog)
Dr. Noa Kageyama talks with Distinguished Professor Menahem Pressler about what it takes to make great performances a consistent reality.

MoMA Seeks an Audience Beyond Its Walls
Wall Street Journal
As MoMA launches web experiment, its director expects digital platforms to change the experience of the physical museum.

SubCulture Gives Home to NY Philharmonic’s Contact! Series
New York Times: Steve Smith
The New York Philharmonic's Contact! series finds a new home at the Culture Project on Bleecker Street in the East Village. Like Le Poisson Rouge, just a few blocks down the street, SubCulture embraces a range of styles, classical music included.

Some Arts Organizations Deserve To Fail, Says Terry Teachout
The Wall Street Journal
"The strike-bound [sic] Minnesota Orchestra is all but dead. New York City Opera has filed for bankruptcy. I know, you've heard it before, but bear with me, OK? What we're seeing here is not a string of isolated high-culture horror stories but something far more significant - something that requires a different kind of response."

Commentary: A Whole New Ballgame in Arts Hiring
Theatre Bay Area Blog
"In 2003, the NFL was facing a problem in hiring not dissimilar to the one theatres are confronting today: its leadership didn’t look like the rest of its employees. That year, 70% of players were black, but only 6% of head coaches were."

Franz Schottky: Classical music should be for everyone
Asharq Al-Awsat
One of the European classical music scene's leading conductors speaks with Asharq Al-Awsat about ways to develop the audience for the genre in the Arab world.

The Landfill Harmonic: These Kids Play Classical Music With Instruments Made From Trash
Take Part
“Los Reciclados,” or The Recycled Orchestra, was founded by a musician turned environmentalist in Asuncion, Paraguay.

Classical Music Helps Fight Crime and Violence on Park Central Square
Springfield, Mo. police are letting the music do the talking. The Springfield Police Department has paired up with the Urban Districts Alliance in an attempt to lessen problems by playing classical music on the square.

Chamber Music of a Very Different Kind
The New York Times: Lindsay Brooke
With the help of computer modeling and mechanical gadgetry, automakers are tailoring exhaust notes to more precisely define the character of new models.


Brain Research After The Mozart Effect
WQXR radio
A recent study published in the Journal of Neuroscience reveals that people who took music lessons during childhood seem to have a faster brain response to speech much later in life – even if the child musicians hadn't picked up their instruments in decades.

How Do These Dancers Keep Going Decades After Most Top Athletes Retire?
The New York Times
They work hard, they have tried and failed at different things, and they know that to get that extra step, that extra movement, that extra shape and that difficult rhythm into stillness, takes work and trust and nuance and subtlety. That only comes with time.


Crowd-funding: Groundbreaking Record Label Your Music Company Strikes Gold in California
Recently, California became the fifth state to adopt the innovative, crowd-funding music business model that pays royalties, and transforms music fans into entrepreneurs. This platform allows people from anywhere in the world to invest money in an artist’s album, and receive a profit in return through royalty payments from the artist’s album and single sales.

SoundCloud Wants 1 Billion Users a Day Catherine Clifford
The Berlin-based online music platform has gone from being relative niche platform for techno musicians to an audio hub for everyone from the White House to...

UI Professor Designing Technology to Bridge Music and Computer Gap
The Daily Illini
Although music theory education has been traditionally confined to textbooks, UI music professor Heinrich Taube is creating a technological, interactive tool to advance students’ studies outside of the classroom.

3D Technology Brings the Stage to Life
CNet Australia
A stage production called Mr et Mme Rêve uses 3D projection technology to create a "virtual-reality room" in which the actors perform.


Is Kickstarter the Way Forward for Creative Arts Funding?
Yahoo News
Crowdfunding website Kickstarter has raised £17 million in its first year in the UK. A huge amount of this is going to producing music, computer games and films and some are calling it a revolution in the funding of the creative arts.

Women's Giving Circles: Next Big Thing In Grass-Roots Philanthropy? 
The New York Times
Such giving circles are on the rise. Members pool their money to make grants to local nonprofit groups, realizing that one hefty contribution can have an immediate influence in a community.


Five Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Must Prioritize the Mobile Web in 2014
Nonprofit Tech for Good
The Mobile Web is often discussed as a future trend that nonprofits have time to prepare for, but the reality is that by the end of 2014, the majority of your supporters and donors will be viewing your website, email communications,  blogs, and social media content on smartphones and tablets.

Why Arts Patrons Are Not Buying Tickets Online (And Why It May Be Your Fault)
Know Your Own Bone (blog)
Because while you may think that you’re making life easier for your potential visitors by selling tickets online, many organizations actually make the act of purchasing a ticket a more expensive and/or more cumbersome process for their would-be visitors.

How Not To Discount, Part 3: Don't Discount Only Your Lowest-Priced Inventory
Selling Out (blog)
Some marketers are conflating two different things: a low price and a discount from face value. They aren’t the same thing, and they function psychologically to the consumer in very different ways.


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