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Invention, Innovation & Creating Real Change
Invention, Innovation & Creating Real Change" is the last in a series of six essays that take a critical look at the innovation agenda in the arts.


Invisible Cities
An invisible opera for wireless headphones! Enjoy a wonderful video on the new opera "Invisible Cities", including an interview with Jacobs School recording arts alumnus Martin Gimenez.

Shanghai Orchestra Pioneer use of 3D Audio
Engineers are now using 3D audio technology to enhance outdoor classical music concerts in Shanghai during the ongoing Shanghai Arts Festival.


Audiences Grow for Film-Music Concerts
Orchestras everywhere are jumping onto the movie-music bandwagon, thanks in part to the built-in marketing hook provided by film titles, particularly classic pics. And the concert treatment is help…

The Growing Importance Of Music To The Tech Industry
Fast Company
The big firms' percentage of revenue from music may be falling but they are still looking for ways to make money from it.

Why Live Music Matters
Record sales might be down, but live concerts are booming in size and number. People don't just want great music anymore, they want to feel a connection to their favorite groups and artists.

How Management Could Assure Income from Music
Unlike when the industry was caught off-guard by the MP3 revolution, the industry powers that be are totally on top of the one that’s happening now—streaming music—and they’re proactively dealing with it.

Whitey and the Devaluation of Music
British electronica artist Whitey responds in a Facebook post that goes viral when Betty TV asked to license his song “Stay on the Outside” for no compensation.

The Cost of Being an Artist - Room for Debate
The New York Times
With soaring housing and health care costs, has it become too expensive to pursue the arts in the U.S.?

Storied French Piano Maker Pleyel To Close
Ateliers Pleyel—one the world's oldest manufacturers of pianos—said late Tuesday that it was ceasing production. France's only remaining piano maker, which has built instruments for composers from Chopin to Stravinsky, will lay off its 14 staffers because of recurring losses and weak business.

John Tavener's Final Interview 
The Telegraph (UK)
"'You know, my consultant keeps telling me sudden death could come at any moment,' says [he] with a sudden, mischievous laugh. It's a surprise because until that moment he'd seemed a picture of crumpled fragility, voice almost inaudible, his long mottled hands curled in his lap."

Cincinnati Symphony Begins A New Era
New York Times
A new music director, some financial stability and some forward-thinking...

Do We Have Too Many Arts Organizations? Should Some Of Them Fail?
The Wall Street Journal
"It's in the nature of aging bureaucracies—and nothing is more bureaucratic than a solidly established arts organization—to place self-perpetuation at the top of their to-do lists."

Classical Music Boxed Sets Multiply
New York Times
Classical record labels continue to flood the market with multi-CD sets, even as that market seems to be shrinking.


‘Belting Out’ Songs from Musicals is Good for the Brain
New research indicates that singing classic songs from The Sound of Music, Oklahoma and The Wizard of Oz can help patients with Alzheimer’s.

A Shortage Of Boy Sopranos (It's Medical)
New York Times Magazine
There are scholars who say that in Bach's day, some boys' voices didn't change until as late as 17. Now boys' voices are changing earlier, a lot earlier.


Something to Say: Success Principles for Afterschool Arts Programs From Urban Youth and Other Experts
Publishing Organization: The Wallace Foundation
An extensive report (133 pages!) details how high-quality arts programs can attract and retain low-income urban tweens. Drawing on hundreds of interviews with young people, their families, leaders of exemplary programs and others nationwide, this report offers some answers, including 10 principles for developing effective programming.

Ambitious UK Ramp-Up Of Music Education Has Failed (so far)
The Guardian
As it completes its first year, a radical shakeup in children's music education in the UK has failed to have a significant impact on the quality of provision, with only a minority of pupils feeling the benefits.


Selling Out » How Not to Discount: Part IV
Don't punish buyers who have come to your venue on a discount ticket.

The Future of Marketing Lies in the Next Generation
Getting to that elusive student market is not easy but once you do, your brand may have secured a lifetime relationship.

Are Press Releases Still Relevant For Music Marketing?
Clyde Smith (blog)
Despite the reduced role of press releases, they remain in use on a daily basis and are the source for music industry coverage from small blogs to high budget news operations. Press releases represent both an official statement and freely usable content.


A Battle Over Art's Side Effects In A Tiny Texas Town
The Art Newspaper
A legal row over two art installations in Marfa, Texas, has reopened an old argument about the economics of the art in the town. While some say the community benefits from the tourism revenue that the works of art attract, others argue that local ranching families are being priced out of Marfa.


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