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The Surprise Social Entrepreneur
From You’ve Cott Mail: Laura Callanan suggests that, by reframing themselves as social entrepreneurs, artists have greater access to funding and services and can open up the worlds of business, nonprofits and foundations to include more radically innovative practices.


Silk Road Partners With Harvard on “Cultural Entrepreneurship Challenge"
The Silk Road Project website
The Silk Road Project is collaborating with leaders in the cultural, academic and business sectors to promote the work of cultural entrepreneurs who seek to create an impact beyond the traditional boundaries of their art forms.

What If Music School Was More Like Real Life
Ezra Donner (blog)
A Jacobs School DM composer wonders if adding real-life experiences in marketing and promotion to student recital preparation would benefit musicians as they prepare for their careers.

The Real Humanities Crisis
New York Times
For those with humanistic and artistic life interests, our economic system has almost nothing to offer.

Seven Things The Ballet Can Teach Us About Work
Forbes Magazine: Donna Sapolin
“As I watched and admired SFB’s virtuosic performances and lush costumes, sets and music, it struck me that the total package encapsulated all the values and steps I believe make for career success.”

An Opera Boom In Chicago?
San Francisco Classical Voice
Opera is a messy, insanely complex undertaking and finances are always a concern. But for now, Chicago opera lovers are basking in the luxury of multiple choices.

The Gift of Opera
Pitcairn's chief investment officer explains why operatic dramas make him think deeper about investing, life and family.

Do Add-on Sounds or Images Enhance or Hinder Classical Music?
D Magazine
The Dallas Chamber Orchestra, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and the Nasher's Soundings all used images in different ways with mixed results.

A Shift In The Ways Musicians Earn Their Income
Digital Music News: Paul Resnikoff
If artists make more than three times the percentage from concerts as they do from recordings, does it matter if people are stealing their recordings?  Or, is that just a label problem?

A Music Subscription Service At YouTube?
YouTube’s most recent Android app contains a number of references to premium music features, suggesting that the site’s music subscription service could launch soon.

Leonard Slatkin: Orchestra Moving To The Internet
Huffington Post: Leonard Slatkin
How does this new technology help solve the so-called 'crisis'? Clearly, the age of this audience is mostly younger. We know this through the comments we receive each week. They love, not only the programs, but also the additional content."

Overlooking The Value Of Interns
The New York Times
Paid internships, properly conceived and administered, could bring a diversity of region, class and race to an industry where the elevators are full of people who look alike, talk alike and think alike. Pie in the sky? Not at Atlantic Media.

Is Music In Perpetual Decline? That All Depends On Your Recording Technology
The Guardian
Album sales are declining, the result of the battle between art and commerce. It may seem like the end of days as people download individual tracks. But these changes are what push pop forward.

Artists Struggle to Survive In the Age Of The Blockbuster
The Globe and Mail
In the artistic economy, the Internet has not lived up to its hype. Implicit in the idea of the Web was the promise that since niche tastes would form online communities not limited by national boundaries. Contrary to those expectations, the blockbuster artistic product is now dominating cultural consumption as at no other time in history.

Chaos At The Rome Opera: Bankruptcy, Layoffs, Strikes, Cancelled Shows
Gramilano (Italy)
Massive job losses are expected at Rome Opera after it was announced that the theatre would go into receivership after debts of 29 million euros ($39m) at the end of 2011 were [revealed]." Union reps have announced that there is "zero chance" that this week's season-opening production of Verdi's Ernani (conducted by Riccardo Muti) will proceed.


Startup BeatDeck Helps Musicians Find Out What the Public Likes
BeatDeck is a startup music analytics company that helps musicians learn how their music is accepted and shared in public. Based on the data from BeatDeck, musicians can understand how their music is accepted on Facebook and Twitter, if their music is repetitive, or if they are losing listeners.

Entrepreneurs, Pick Up (And Play) The Guitar
Huffington Post: Panos Panay
Not only is learning and playing an instrument a great psychological release, but in the process of practicing and performing music as an escape, you may also learn some invaluable lessons that will translate well into your startup endeavors.


Are Arts Funders Arts "Leaders"?
Chicago Tribune: Chris Jones
An arts leader is expected to have a mission that ignites a community, motivates a staff and even effects social change. So how does giving away some portion of one's ample bank balance make you part of that club?

Howard G. Buffett Goes ‘Where Other Philanthropists Can’t’
The Washington Post
Son of billionaire Warren Buffett aims to shake up philanthropy. But is his charge to local businesses too lofty?


The Art of the Branded Video
Creating a branded video that shares well and resonates with your audience requires a finely honed skillset, and it's easier said than done.  

Tapping the Chinese Music Market
San Francisco Classical Voice
San Francisco's Opera, Symphony, and Conservatory of Music have long made advances to China, with its potential audience of 1.35 billion, but the news — in the The New York Times yesterday which prompted the column item above — ratchets the subject to a national/international level.


Music Training Sharpens Brain Pathways, Studies Say
Education Week
Researchers have found that playing an instrument may help grow the neural connections that aid creativity, decision making, and complex memory—especially when children's training starts early.

The Real Reason Music's Gotten So Loud
The Atlantic
iTunes' SoundCheck won't end the so-called "loudness wars." It'll just give listeners a way to counter some musicians' undying instinct to "turn it up to 11."


The Music of the Hubble Space Telescope
The Atlantic
The astrophysicist Mario Livio was approached in February by the composer Paola Prestini and librettist Royce Vavrek about helping to create a work based on the satellite’s distant, interstellar imagery. A new classical work, named Hubble Cantata by Paola Prestini, was performed on Saturday at the Brookyln Academy of Music’s celebration of "contemporary art song".


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