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The Man Bringing Trinity Wall Street Church Back To Its Music
New York Times
Just two years after substantial cutbacks, Trinity Wall Street's music and arts director, Julian Wachner has inspired a turn-around. Enjoy reading a day-in-the-life of a highly productive entrepreneur as he organizes a four-month festival of Benjamin Britten's music, Bach cantatas every Monday and a series celebrating the 12 nights of Christmas.


Art For The Few or Art For The Many?
Adobe Airstream
On Nov. 23 the New York Times reported that “Art Makes You Smart,” showing a causal relationship between schoolchildren getting a free trip to the Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, AK, and showing improved critical-thinking afterwards.


Royal Ballet Plans Reality TV-Style Live Broadcast For 2014
The Guardian
Allowing cameras backstage to film classes and rehearsals, this day-in-the-life of the company was streamed live on YouTube and the Guardian website to an international audience that surprised even the company.


Some New Models For Producing/Paying For Soundtracks
Wall Street Journal
With video content proliferating, new models for supplying background music are taking root. Many are trying to bring down the cost and avoid the complicated royalty-payment rules.


Missing From The Podiums: Female Conductors Search for Equality at Highest Level
New York Times: Zachary Woolfe
Female conductors no longer attract open-mouthed attention among music lovers or the news media when they appear, yet they remain far from being fairly represented.

What A Music Conductor Knows About Leadership: Hugh Ballou
Forbes Magazine
Leadership coach Hugh Ballou spent the first 40 years of his career in front of an orcheestra. Now he applies his experience to workshops with leaders of organizations of all sizes including the world’s largest musical efforts, church organizations and even Fortune 1000 CEOs.


Making Early Music Accessible
U-T San Diego
You don't need to be a scholar to enjoy the Bach Collegium San Diego. A conversation with Ruben Valenzuela, the ensemble’s director.


The Best Of All Possible Christmas trees
About Last Night, Terry Treachout (Blog)
In honor of the season, here's everybody's favorite speech from Satchmo at the Waldorf. It's based on something that actually happened to Louis Armstrong.


Early Musical Training Helps Hearing In Later Life
The Warwick Advertiser
A new study has found that music lessons in childhood keep the brain — and hearing — sharp well into old age.


12 Pivotal Moments In Opera in 2013
Philadelphia Inquirer critic David Patrick Stearns cites the Wagner/Verdi/Britten anniversaries, a thrilling Monteverdian battle, seedy Baroque opera in a burlesque house, and the hot new opera score he stole from the neighbor's trash.


How The NY Philharmonic's New Contract Changes The Orchestra World
New York Times
Base pay at the Philharmonic, which is the oldest symphony orchestra in the nation and one of the most prestigious, has in recent years fallen behind that of orchestras in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Boston.

The Nashville Symphony Gets A Big Gift From An Unexpected Source
Taylor Swift gives the financially struggling orchestra a gift of $100, 000 - for her birthday.

A Hall That Invites the Audience Into the Music-Making
New York Times
At concert halls from Los Angeles to Tokyo, most audiences today experience orchestral music from seating that wraps around the stage at various levels, allowing a proximity even from the upper balconies.


New Owner Promises Handmade Steinways for Years to Come
For 160 years, the pianos made by Steinway & Sons have been considered the finest in the world. So when hedge fund billionaire John Paulson recently bought the company, it struck fear in the hearts of musicians: Would the famously handcrafted pianos be changed, for the sake of efficiency?


The Rustle Of Tiny Feet (And Voices, And Candy Bags)
The Wall Street Journal
In 1980, 400,000 children under 18 attended a Broadway show. By last year, that number had nearly tripled, growing to 1.12 million.


Broadway Choreographer Starts Revolution With Stage Write iPad App
A chat with Jeff Whiting, creator of the app Stage Write, which documents the stage blocking and choreography of shows and has been employed by Newsies, Mamma Mia!, The Book of Mormon and Big Fish.

It’s About Time for Social Media to Buzz Off
Variety’s digital editor-in-chief Andrew Wallenstein writes that “buzz is rapidly becoming quantifiable through a growing cottage industry of businesses that have made a specialty of filtering the noise on social-media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.”


The Benefits Of Nonprofit Fiscal Sponsorships For Musicians
Already well-established in the US, crowdfunding has begun to establish itself in the UK with beneficial consequences for producers keen to create and promote new shows and for companies struggling to cope with the ever-tightening purse strings of public funding.


The Peculiar Grammar of Christmas Songs
Slate Magazine
Linguist Arika Okrent explains what "round yon Virgin" is about and why we "troll the ancient Yuletide carol".

Ancient Illuminated Gospels Probably Came From An Ethiopian Empire
The Art Newspaper
Illuminations in two Ethiopian gospels dating back 1,500 years were painted in the ancient kingdom of Aksum, and not in the Middle East, as previously believed.

The Psychology Of Santa Claus
Pacific Standard
It's weird, isn't it? Parents lie to their kids about a mysterious, bearded gift-giver, only to set them up for inevitable heartbreak. Except, it's not so simple.


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