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Bringing in the New Year


Classical and Opera 2013: A Year of Anniversaries
The Arts Desk 
Which musical calendar year isn’t laden down with composer commemorations, too often a pretext for lazy and unimaginative planning? The last 12 months, with Verdi, Wagner and Britten as the birthday boys (in case you failed to hear), have raised the stakes.

High Notes And Clams: The Best And Worst Of Classical 2013
NPR Blog – Tom Huizenga
Despite two ugly black eyes — the death of the New York City Opera and the continuing, bitter stalemate between the Minnesota Orchestra's (locked out) musicians and management — terrific music is being made by marvelous artists. Here we offer a short list of the best and worst of 2013.

In Memoriam: 2013
Despite two ugly black eyes — the death of the New Each December, NPR Music draws up a tribute to some of the great musicians, composers, producers and other visionaries who died during the course of the year. Inevitably, the list is incomplete, but it provides a sense of how much talent and vision has been lost in the past 12 months. This year’s list included Distinguished Professor Janos Starker.

The Year's Bounty Of CDs: A Readers' Guide
Washington Post – Anne Midgette
Here’s a nomination for the Best of 2013: the CD industry. There are more CD releases out than ever, from more and more labels, some of them operating as nonprofits, many of them relying on Kickstarter campaigns to fund individual projects.

2013 Changes Not Always Best For Classical Music
Herald Times – Peter Jacobi
Local classical music writer Peter Jacobi offers his thoughts on the challenges and highlights of a year in music.

The Best Of 2013 Dance In Chicago
Chicago Sun-Times – Hedy Weiss
For Chicago dance aficionados it was among the best of times. The city’s major and midsize companies have never looked stronger. Companies from throughout the United States and the world were showcased here. And the annual late-summer, admission-free Chicago Dancing Festival drew thousands.

Moving Sound To Anywhere But The Concert Hall
Los Angeles Times
This has been the year of sound art, a year when museums and galleries, alternative spaces and train stations, parks and Beverly Hills formal gardens, even the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva went after a decent-sized piece of the acoustical action.


Jacobs School of Music Works to Expand Options, Preserve Tradition
Herald Times – Jon Blau
Despite a reputation defined by the classical, IU's Jacobs School of Music has not frozen in time. The school pays homage to popular culture with classes dedicated to the Beatles and Frank Zappa. But the foundation of a student’s education at the Jacobs School still hinges on mastering Bach and Brahms.

The Music Industry Will See Better Times In 2014
The Economist
The spread of smartphones and unlimited-data plans will make portable music services (Spotify, Pandora, etc.) more attractive to listeners. Streaming is still a small part of the music business globally, but will bolster it in the years ahead.

What 2014 Will Bring For Digital Music
SiliconBeat – Heather Somerville
From Beats Music to YouTube’s music subscription service and a startling change for Gracenote, 2014 is shaping up to be a big year for digital music. Next year will bring new digital services for artists and listeners, as the appetite for streaming and on-demand music continues to soar, and mobile technology advances to supply us with more apps to deliver auditory bliss.

The Music Industry Is Dying? Great
Daily Beast – James Poulos
The demise of the music industry can actually work for musicians as a moment of liberating grace. You can make a sane living in an unpredictable economy.

Faces to Watch 2014: Classical Music & Jazz
Los Angeles Times
Classical music lovers in L.A. this year will witness appearances by such emerging artists as composer Yotam Haber, pianist Khatia Buniatishvili, cellist Sunny Yang and vocalists Profeti della Quinta.


The End Of Professional Journalism As We Know It?
Times Literary Supplement
The situation in journalism is changing so rapidly that it is difficult to get a sure sense of what is going on. There is a great deal of discussion but it mainly takes place in an endless series of panel debates and blog posts where there are plenty of confident assertions, but not much reliable data.

Should Arts Groups Create Their Own Arts Coverage?
Art & Seek
It’s happening in Chicago. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra just launched its own “online multimedia magazine,” called CSO Sounds & Stories. Why would it launch such a venture when journalism in general is in a state of upheaval and classical music itself is not exactly singing hallelujah?

The 8 P.M. Curtain-Time Is Becoming Old-Fashioned
The Philadelphia Inquirer
Empires rose and empires fell, but if there was one thing the world could depend on, it was the 8 p.m. curtain time for theater, opera, and classical music performances. That, however, was back in the 20th century. In the 21st century, if you don't check daily listings, you may be late for Act One.

Surprise, Facebook is Even More Popular Than Last Year…
During Facebook’s third quarter earnings call they revealed a decrease in popularity among younger teenagers. Media outlets prophesied Facebook’s inevitable demise… but you can bet your life they shared their prophecies on Facebook.


How The Romans Celebrated The Holidays
University of Reading
The Romans celebrated the winter festival of Sigillaria on 23rd of December, part of their Saturnalia festivities. Just like on Christmas Day, Sigillaria saw presents exchanged. So how does Sigillaria compare to a modern day Christmas? And can we say that the Roman's invented Christmas?


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