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A Global “Grand Partnership” For Arts and Culture?
Huffington Post
An opportunity to globalize the arts and culture movement from its roots! Following the recent “Grand Partnership” announcement between the English Arts Council and the RSA (Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts – see presentation here), the author believes that this is the time to form a worldwide partnership.


Leonard Slatkin: How African Americans Changed Classical Music
Detroit Free Press
Well before such artists as André Watts, Henry Jay Lewis, William Grant Still, James DePreist and Thomas Wilkins, black musicians were forging paths in all parts of the world, albeit in small numbers.

Study of Jazz Players Shows Common Brain Circuitry Processes for Music and Language
The brains of jazz musicians engrossed in spontaneous, improvisational musical conversation showed robust activation of brain areas traditionally associated with spoken language and syntax, which are used to interpret the structure of phrases and sentences.

It May Be a Nonprofit Theater, but the Tickets Look For-Profit
NY Times
New York’s nonprofit theaters are acting more like for-profits. Read this much-circulated NY Times article to find out how and why the pressure is on for increased profit in ticket sales.

Canadian Royal Conservatory's Mission to Recover Suppressed Works
Globe and Mail
The (Canadian) Royal Conservatory of Music plans to establish an in-house institute to help retrieve works suppressed under Hitler and Stalin. The lost compositions represent “a huge gap in the repertoire of the 20th century.”

Furor Follows L.A. Phil's Gustavo Dudamel
L.A. Times
The L.A. Phil maestro disputes news reports and tries to distance himself from political unrest and violence in his native Venezuela.

Not-So-Tortured Artists: Creativity Breeds Happiness
New research finds college students are happier than usual when they are engaging in creative activities.

'It's Critical We Reform the System'
Martin Bandier, who controls almost a third of the publishing market, led other publishers last year to pull digital rights to their songs from BMI and ASCAP in order to gain leverage to directly negotiate a higher royalty rate with services like Pandora whenever their songs are played—arguing that, “In the current digital environment, it is critical that we reform the system, which does not fairly compensate songwriters and composers.”

Photographers Join Forces To Protect Their Work (From Other Artists)
NY Times
To many photographers, a federal appeals court ruling last spring that permitted Richard Prince to use someone else’s photographs in his art was akin to slapping a “Steal This” label on their work. Several membership and trade organizations have banded together recently to press their cause in Congress and the courts.


Chopin's Heart
The New Yorker
The woman who set the saga in motion was Ludwika Jędrzejewicz, Chopin’s eldest sister, who heard and recorded his curious request for dismemberment ...


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