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It's Women's History Month and three recent articles cover key topics: Monika Herzig, in the first of a four-part series, writes about Piano Jazz legend Marian McPartland; Hilarie Sheets in the NYT points out that women still earn substantially less than their counterparts in museum leadership; and Mara Gibson wonders why more female composers/teachers/organizers aren't visible role models.


Ukrainian Protests Alive with the Sound of Music
An extraordinary video clip shows an impromptu concert by classical music students in the middle of the Kiev conflict.

How John Eliot Gardiner Changed The Course Of Classical Music
The Guardian (UK)
It was March 5, 1964, that John Eliot Gardiner conducted  Monteverdi's Vespers in the Chapel of King's College, and musical culture has never been the same since.

Martha Graham Company Struggles To Come Back After Internal Struggles And A Flood
The New York Times
Since Hurricane Sandy flooded the basement storage area, the company has been forced to take a piecemeal approach, restoring and replacing only what is needed for each coming season.

How An Orchestra Looks Affects How You Think It Sounds
Pacific Standard
According to a new study, our ears may not be as reliable as we think. At classical performances at least, what we see apparently tells us more about the music we’re listening to than what we hear.

Challenging the Tradition: Why Classical Musicians Should Learn Folk Music
New Music Box: Ethan Joseph
Why is it that children learning to play the violin in the United States don’t learn about the rich traditions of American fiddle music? Read about an experience that changed violinist Ethan Joseph’s musical life.

Rising New York Rents Pushing Artists Out Of The City
New York Times
Being studioless, some have put their art careers aside. Others have begun to ask: If they can’t afford gritty, unglamorous Industry City, then where?

Can This Man Save the Music Recording Business?
Los Angeles Times
Even though many have written off the recording industry as a casualty of the digital age, Universal Music Group's Lucian Grainge is determined to reinvent it.

Three Bidders Vie for NY City Opera
Crains New York
The Brooklyn Academy of Music, The State University of New York at Purchase and the head of a small opera company have submitted proposals to the New York City Opera's board to take over the bankrupt nonprofit's assets and business.

Free Getty Images No Threat To Photo Market Says Shutterstock CEO
Forbes Magazine
Getty Images is giving away 35 million photos for free. Some are saying the move, aimed to combat picture piracy, will upend the entire stock photo market.


A New Era for Arts in New York City Schools?
ArtsBLOG: Doug Israel
Over the course of the past several years, big cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle have been advancing ambitious plans to expand access to arts education and creative learning for public school students. In New York City, there is momentum gathering that could lead to an expansion of arts and music in city schools.

The Good News about Arts Education in Los Angeles County
ArtsBLOG: Laura Zucker
The 2013 Otis Report on the Creative Economy for California and the Los Angeles Region has lots of good news for the creative sector, including the fact that one out of every seven jobs is in the creative economy. 


Social Entrepreneurship Gives New Opportunity For College Graduates And Teachers Alike
But instead of taking the typical route with entry-level opportunities, students are finding new doors to making global impact with their first jobs through social entrepreneurship. It has always been a conversation, but a stark change is that teachers have now begun hosting social entrepreneurship courses and majors to encourage their students to take on the challenge.

A New Breed of Video Game is About Creating Music, Not Performing It
There are a slew of recent and upcoming games out there that use music in ways that eschew memorization trials and occasionally even put players in the role of producer. These games call into question how we define “music games” and whether the label should be expanded or qualified.


Stravinsky or Ska? You Call the Shots
New York Times
Give your audiences the choice of what THEY want you to perform! A cool experiment by young New York artists.

Can Taste Be Taught?
Blog: David Lewis
An interesting blog post on how to define yourself as a creative being in this world.

9 Facebook Changes Social Media Marketers Need to Know
Blog: Courtney Seiter
Facebook has been around for 10 years this month. And on the occasion of the social network’s big decade milestone, it seems appropriate to take a closer look at some of the changes that have been taking place at Facebook.


Rufus Wainwright On Why The Opera Is More Spiritual Than Church
The Observer (UK)
“I definitely feel there's some force for good that's been with me through life, and I think that comes from all the dead great composers.”

A Photo Gallery of the World's 15 most Eye-Catching Concert Halls
As pretty on the eyes as they are dramatic on the ears. That's how we should appreciate some of the world's concert halls, according to building data company Emporis. The Hamburg-based company has put together a list of what it's calling the world's most spectacular concert halls.


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