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New York's Met Opera House on Edge of Precipice, says Peter Gelb
The Guardian
Threat of bankruptcy at the Metropolitan Opera contrasts strongly with 'cracking season' in the UK. The article also provides an interesting comparison in funding between major international opera houses.


The Balance of Power Firmly Shifts to Live Performance
Digital Music News: Paul Resnikoff
With the 41% decline in (retail) recorded music revenue over the past 13 years, it is the 60% growth in live revenue that has done most to offset the impact of declining music sales.

The Rise of the YouTube Musical
The Wall Street Journal: John Jurgensen
With the popularity of musicals on TV the Broadway, the genre is exploding on YouTube

Curtis to Launch a New Outreach Program Stephan Salisbury
Three recent graduates of the Curtis Institute of Music will become inaugural fellows of ArtistYear, a pilot program designed to bring a year-long AmeriCorps-like community service opportunity to the world of the arts in Philadelphia.

A Concertmaster Says Farewell to New York
WNYC Video
After 34 years at the New York Philharmonic, concertmaster Glenn Dicterow will play his final concert on June 28. Dicterow has had the longest tenure of any Phil concertmaster, and he's done everything from traveling with the orchestra to North Korea in 2008 to taking over when a conductor gets lost.

San Diego Opera Names New Leader
U-T San Diego: James Chute
Only two weeks after severing ties with former director Ian Campbell and reversing its March vote to his plan and shut down the company, the board of the San Diego Opera has picked a new leader. William Mason, the highly respected former general director of the Lyric Opera of Chicago, is the opera’s new artistic adviser.

In Defense of Schlock Music: Why Journey, Billy Joel, and Lionel Richie Are Better Than You Think
New York Magazine: Jody Rosen
Schlock, at its finest, is where bad taste becomes great art. Schlock is music that subjugates all other values to brute emotional impact; it aims to overwhelm, to body-slam the senses, to deliver catharsis like a linebacker delivers a clothesline tackle.

High School Music Classes Remain Popular, but Hispanics Lag Behind
Pacific Standard: Tom Jacobs
New research finds that, contrary to fears, the No Child Left Behind act had little impact on enrollment in music courses.

Just Like Taco Trucks, Art Takes to the Road
New York Times: Alyson Krueger
Around the United States, art is on the roll. Inspired by the success of food trucks, gallery owners have been taking their show on the road.

Why Curiosity will Rule the Modern World
New Statesman: Ian Leslie
Students entering the workplace need to stay curious, because the wages for routine intellectual work, even in professional industries such as accountancy and law, are falling.


Music Education in England: About to be Decimated?
The Guardian: Tom Service
Michael Gove, UK Secretary of State for Education, appears to be not only contradicting his own National Plan for Music, but he might be about to destroy music education altogether.

Orchestival: Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park
The Guardian: Alex Denney
The new classical crossover fest aims to find the sweet spot between rock festival, electronica experiments and the power of a classical orchestra.


In UK: Opera Screenings Failing to Boost Interest in the Art Form
Know your Own Bone (blog)
Nine outdated ways of thinking that are hurting your nonprofit organization

How Much do Artists Make?
Dazed: Zing Tsjeng
If you want to know how much you should be paid for your arts gig, Who Pays Artists will fill you in. The new website invites artists to anonymously report how much they were paid for work by arts orgs.

Three Key Metrics to Grow Arts Audience Relationships
TRG Arts: Jill Robinson
Developing patron loyalty specifically means thinking about each patron’s right next step with an organization, getting them to increase their activity with and value to the organization over time. Luckily the database, ticketing, and CRM systems on the market today can capture in-depth data on patrons like never before.


Classical Music in the Era of ESPN
New Music Box: Ken Froelich (IU MM, DM Alum)
Is it possible that the ESPN model—one that has turned professional athletics into a multi-billion dollar enterprise—could work in bringing classical music to a much broader audience?

Communicating With Your Fans Has Never Been Easier
Wired: Scott McLeod
Today, tech has made it easier than ever for people to find and share new music. The methods of discovery and consumption of all digital content are evolving as drastically as those that changed the music business. Now there’s an effort to strike a balance between content access and the ability for creators to support themselves 


Funny or Die (Why We Laugh)
The Atlantic: Sam Price-Waldman
How your sense of humor can improve your health, get you pregnant, and even save your life!

Singing Nun Wins Voice Of Italy Contest
The Telegraph
A singing nun clinched the final of The Voice of Italy television talent show contest on Friday after winning millions of followers with her lively dance act and soulful renditions of lusty pop classics.


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