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Why All Kids Should Take Music Lessons
We're Making Our Children Study The Arts For The Wrong Reasons
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Everyone's Recording Anyway; Why Not Join In - & Sell Your Own Product?
Chicago Tribune
Artists are offering audiences an opportunity to buy and take home a DVD copy of the very show they just saw. In its entirety.

Community Wellness program developed by a Symphony Orchestra
Post Gazette
The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra launched a music and wellness website Monday that offers resources to organizations looking to build music and wellness programs or individuals hoping to use music to improve their personal well-being.

Word of Mouth draws most people to concerts
Greg Sandow (blog)
In some circumstances, word of mouth can attract many more people to a performance than the media can.

Dallas Morning News Turns To Academia For Its New Arts Critics (A New Model?)
Bloomington’s been doing this for years!  Others are now using the model as established professors offer their part-time expertise — at a cost savings for news organizations.

It's Better To Invest In Creative Workers Than Creative Companies
The Atlantic
How does creativity get turned into big commercial innovations that ultimately lead to new businesses, new jobs, higher wages and economic growth?.

The issue of Funding: On tipping the dominoes then walking away ...
Diane Ragsdale (Blog)
Is it better to provide stable support to a few arts organizations and artists over a very long period of time (forsaking all others) or to “cycle out” grantees after a reasonable period of time in order to make room for new entrants?

Why Pianists Care About the Steinway Sale
The New Yorker
Ever since the announcement last month that Steinway Musical Instruments agreed to sell itself to the hedge-fund firm Paulson & Co. for five hundred and twelve million dollars, panicked piano lovers have taken to the forums at Piano World, a large online community, to express their dismay.

Here's One Major Orchestra That Isn't Hurting
Los Angeles Times
The L.A. Philharmonic posted a surplus for the 10th time in 11 years, and paid both its music director and its CEO well over $1 million apiece.

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