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Arts Group to Underwrite Greensboro News & Record’s Arts Coverage
Jim Romensko (Blog)
Is this the way of the future? Nonprofit arts booster ArtsGreensboro has agreed to underwrite expanded arts coverage in Warren Buffett’s Greensboro News & Record.

Boston Arts Journalism Site Tries to Raise $10K from its Readers
Bill Marx and Charlie McEnerney, Artsfuse website, 6/19/14
As the landscape for arts journalism changes,The Arts Fuse is pioneering a new model that expands serious coverage of the arts by seeking funding from its readers directly.

In San Diego, Expanded Arts Coverage is Shut Down with Loss of Funding
James Chute, San Diego Union-Tribune, 6/24/14
The good news for Art Pulse: the organization recently won a regional Emmy for an ArtPulse TV episode. The bad news for Art Pulse: there’s no more money. “We’re calling it quits,” said Art Pulse’s co-founder, April Game, on Monday.


The Case of the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble: An Illustration of Entrepreneurial Theory in an Artistic Setting
Artivate: Jeffrey Nytch
A lengthy, but very interesting article that provides an example of how artists and artistic organizations may apply entrepreneurial principles to the development of their artistic pursuits.

Musical Training Increases Executive Brain Function in Children and Adults
PSYBlog: Dr Jeremy Dean
Musical training can boost the executive brain function of both adults and children, according to new research. Both the brains and behavior of adult and child musicians were compared with non-musicians in the study by researchers at the Boston Children’s Hospital.

The Romantic Power of Music
The Atlantic: Cody C. Delistraty
For over 140 years, research had not been able to verify Darwin’s theory that musical skill lead to better mating options not just for birds but for humans, as well. A recent study confirmed that indeed, “music is a product of sexual selection through mate choice.”

52.1% of All Music Listening Happens on AM/FM Radio
Digital Music News: Paul Resnikoff
Despite a constantly changing audio landscape, broadcast radio controls more than half of the more than four hours a day that Americans spend with all sources of audio.

The Most Popular Music Services Used by High School Students
Digital Music News: Nina Ulloa
Here are usage rankings for nine of the top music consumption platforms. This was compiled by Niche, a site that provides information about neighborhoods and schools. Niche asked 7,000 graduating high school seniors from their user base to rank the following music services.

YouTube Piloting ‘Fan Funding’
Backstage: Sean J. Miller
YouTube is testing a new feature that will allow viewers to contribute money to their favorite channels. Many independent online content creators have been relying on sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter to fund their projects, which ultimately end up on YouTube. Now, they can streamline the contribution process.

How Rhythm Carries A Poem, From Head To Heart
NPR: Lynn Neary
Poetry, perhaps more than any other form of writing, delves deep into emotions. And rhythm, from the haunting repetitions of "Annabel Lee" to the taunting questions of "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," plays a big part in evoking those feelings.

Is Everything A Remix?
NPR: TED Radio Hour
Filmmaker Kirby Ferguson says nothing is original and that our most celebrated creators steal ideas — and transform them into something new.


I Went From Ballet Dancer to CEO and This is What it Taught Me
The Guardian: Leigh Thomas
Ballet and business. Two words you don't often hear together, except in my life. I've gone from classical dancer to CEO of an advertising agency, maybe not the most traditional career route but the two have a surprising amount in common.

Pop and Classical: Together at Last?
Telegraph UK: Adam Sweeting
Radiohead's guitarist has done it, and so has The National's Bryce Dessner. As Richard Reed Parry releases his classical debut, are the barriers between pop and 'serious music' finally crumbling? Or were they meaningless all along?

Ottawa Eliminates International Musician Fee
Globe and Mail: Lee-Anne Goodman
Ottawa has effectively eliminated a fee charged to international musicians that critics complained was deterring acts from abroad from playing in Canadian bars, pubs and restaurants.

Why are Salaries so Markedly Different between British and US Orchestras?
The Guardian: Tom Service
Half a million bucks for leading the New York Philharmonic, while most US orchestral musicians earn around double what their British counterparts do. Why do we value our musicians so poorly?


What Music Do Animals Like?
Huffington Post Science: Trevor Cox
Research published today by the American Psychological Association has shown that chimpanzees prefer listening to West African akan and North Indian raga over listening to silence. What does this say about the evolutionary purpose of music?


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