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In Tune With The Next Generation
Jesse Rosen, President & CEO of American Orchestras, offers his view of recent developments. "Orchestras have been keeping their feet to the pedals as they innovate at unprecedented rates to develop audiences."


Why Classical Music Is Imperiled-Sort Of
Business Week
Classical music isn't in trouble. It's a creative art "caught in the upheaval of a digital economy."

NEA: Arts Participation in US Declining
New York Times
One in three attended an arts event in 2012 while three in four participated through "new mediums." See the data breakdown here.

Ticketmaster Report in the UK: Theatre Audiences Getting Younger, More Experimental
The Stage, UK
This UK Arts scene is bucking the trends and attracting a new and young audience.


Government Shutdown And The Arts
ArtsUSA (Blog)
NEA, Smithsonian, National Parks--the shutdown's affect on the arts in ways they may have not considered.

Why City Opera's Risky Reboot Attempt Failed
ArtsUSA (Blog)
Company officials, former board members and experts in the field review the strategies that may have hurt it as much as they helped.

George Steel on Trying to Save City Opera: "It Almost Worked"
More insight from George Steel himself

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Australian Chamber Orchestra Plays in 3D
The Sidney Morning Herald
This chamber orchestra aims to "break down the barrier between the listener and performer."

Culture of Ballet Start-Ups Is Vibrant-And Flexible
Wall Street Journal
Study shows new growth, despite declines in funding.

How A Dancer Reinvented A Wheel Chair
Tampa Bay Times
Dance professor at the University of South Florida invents a wheel chair for physically challenged dancers, dramatically increasing mobility.

Rockin Is My Business, Pt.1: Why Musicians Need A Business Education
"The era where a band could subsist on a haze of inspiration, perspiration, and intoxication, leaving all business matters to their manager ended the day the first mp3 file made its way across a copper cable."

Marketing & Funding

In Madrid, Art Finds New Friends
New York Times
With dwindling government subsidies, arts centers are getting closer than ever with sponsers--they're moving in.

10 Brands That Made Music Part of Their Marketing DNA
Why licence when you can create your own new soundtrack?

Seven Clever Musical Marketing Stunts
These random, quirky, and out-of-the-box methods of marketing are bound to catch your eye, and ear

Three Ways Crowdfunding Can Support Traditional Fundraising Campaigns
Crowdfunding is getting more transparent, professional, and integrated as a means of fundraising.

Changing Times

Hacking The Arts: Using Technology to Connect With Your Audience
Filmmaker Magazine
Arts relevance will be zero unless we get past these legacy ways of working with new mediums.

How To Create National Music Standards For Public Schools
New Music Box
The National Core Arts Standards were just updated for the first time in 20 years with creativity as a central, and challenging, focus.

The Old Ball Game
ArtsJournal (Blog)
Who knew Major League Baseball and the Arts Industry had so much in common.


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