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Where is the Debate in the Arts?
Barry's Blog
Barry Hessenius suspects that, when issues and responses are on the table across our universe, for the most part there are "discussions," but not really serious debates. Houston, do we have a problem? It just might be possible that the problem is us.


Practice Does Not Make Perfect
Slate: David Z. Hambrick, Fernanda Ferreira, and John M. Henderson
Overturning the myth that people can help themselves to the same degree if they just try hard enough. Where our genes and abilities are concerned, we’re not all created equal.

The Alarming New Research on Perfectionism
New York Magazine: Melissa Dahl
Perfectionistic people typically believe that they can never be good enough, that mistakes are signs of personal flaws, and that the only route to acceptability as a person is to be perfect.

Four Takeaways From the Latest 'Death of the Music Industry' Panel Max Willens
It's Still Not Dead, But Opportunities For Agencies Abound

A Conversation With Gunther Schuller
The living legend and proponent of the Third Stream continues to make waves.


Dallas Symphony Aims to Develop Musical Leadership
New York Times: Allan Kozinn
The Dallas Symphony Orchestra, in a partnership with the University of Texas at Dallas and several conservatories around the world, is starting an unusual program meant to turn music students on the threshold of professional careers into potential leaders and entrepreneurs in the music world.

LA’s Hot New Opera Company Launches Its Own Record Label
LA Times: Jessica Gelt
After describing plans last week for the next project the avant-garde opera company, The Industry, will undertake, director Yuval Sharon has announced another venture: a record label.

(With Advanced Warning) Joshua Bell’s Metro Encore Draws a Crowd
Washington Post: Jessica Contrera
Joshua Bell played an incognito concert at the L’Enfant Plaza Metro station in 2007 as part of a Washington Post experiment, and the world has not let him forget it. He returned to the Metro on Tuesday for a free concert at Union Station.

World Piano Competition Gets New Name, Format Janelle Gelfand
A venerable Cincinnati musical institution is changing its name, its format and expanding its offerings. The World Piano Competition will now be known as the Cincinnati World Piano Competition.

Franz Welser-Möst Extends Cleveland Orchestra Contract
New York Times: Michael Cooper
Franz Welser-Möst, who shook up the music world last month by abruptly quitting his post as general music director of the Vienna State Opera, said Thursday that he had extended his contract at his other job, as music director of the Cleveland Orchestra, through 2022.

Lincoln Center Seeks More Sponsors
Crain’s New York Business: Theresa Agovino
A bid for expanded business partnerships is its new president's first big move.



Migrating Maestros: Why Are So Many European Conductors Quitting?
Operavore: Fred Plotkin
We are in the face of a structural collapse of the Italian system, owing in part to the progressive and by now unsustainable diminution of resources dedicated to opera.

Billy Elliot Screening Tops UK Box Office
The Stage News: Georgia Snow
A live screening of Billy Elliot the Musical has topped the UK and Ireland cinema box office, with takings of £1.9 million.

Maria Callas Opera Academy In Her Old Apartment Approved By Greece
Classicalite: Maria Jean Sullivan
The now-dilapidated house where opera legend Maria Callas lived from 1940-45 is set to become an opera school itself, approved by Greece.

Mozart's A major Piano Sonata K331 Manuscript Found
BBC News
The head of the Hungarian National Szechenyi Library's music collection has stumbled across a rare discovery. As he looked through a folder of unidentified music scores, among the many copies and unremarkable scores he suddenly noticed a page that made his heart jump.


The Airbnb of Classical Music Tobin Low
Inviting audiences to attend, creating an event that’s part house concert, part party, part social platform.

How to Succeed in #Theater Without Really Trying: Selfies
Wall St. Journal: Pia Catton
'People Go to the Show, and They're Dancing in the Aisles. It's a High, and People Want to Share'


Swedish Scientists Sneak Bob Dylan Lyrics Into Their Academic Publications For Last 17 Years
Open Culture
A now seventeen-year tradition among five Swedish scientists who’ve been slipping Dylan lyrics into their publications, wagering on who can fit the most in before retirement.

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