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A New $40 Million Initiative to Build Audiences for the Arts
The Wallace Foundation
Wallace Foundation Announces $40 Million Effort to Help Arts Organizations Thrive.

Nine Effective Practices for Building Audiences for the Arts
Nonprofit Quarterly: Eileen Cunniffe
Building audiences is a top concern for arts organizations, yet there has been little hard evidence about what works. This series — based on the efforts of 54 arts organizations that received Wallace Excellence Awards from 2006 to 2012 — seeks to help fill that gap.

It Can be Done: Audience Development Success
Arts Journal: Greg Sandow
When you read what follows, I think you’ll agree that the new audience can be sustained, if anyone who begins to have an audience like this keeps on building it.


Dangerous Thinking: A response to “Practice Does Not Make Perfect”
Project Jumpstart: Joey Tartel
In last week’s article published on entitled “Practice Does Not Make Perfect,” the authors investigate two very different kinds of studies in an effort to find out why people succeed in, among other things, music. Their conclusions are as wrong as they are dangerous.

Why Creativity Isn't All About Originality
Forbes: William Craig
While true originality may not be the order of the day, execution is everything.

As Subscriptions Fall, Orchestras Aim Higher
NYTimes: Anthony Tommasini
Not to be flippant, but the prospect [of smaller subscription audiences] seems encouraging, at least to the part of me that has long wanted American orchestras — and opera companies and chamber ensembles, but especially orchestras — to find new ways of organizing seasons and presenting concerts.

Why Music Schools Will Go Out of Business If Music Education Is Not Improved
Music School Central: Bill Zuckerman
Listening to your teacher is good, but having the initiative to work on your own is the best determining factor for your personal and monetary success. I absolutely guarantee it.


Things Get Crazy In Atlanta
Adaptistration: Drew McManus
A must-read for anyone even remotely interested in the labor dispute.

Now You Can 'Buy' a Share of Local Art, Too
The Christian Science Monitor: Donna Bryson
Springboard for the Arts, a Minnesota arts development group, came up with the idea of selling prints and paintings the way onions and potatoes are being marketed to urbanites.

NYC City Council Passes Resolution in Support of Benefits for Jazz Musicians
Digital Music News: Nina Ulloa
The resolution is a symbolic gesture, and doesn’t bring about any legal changes. It calls on jazz clubs to address pensions and other work-related issues for musicians. So far, these jazz clubs have refused to negotiate.


Four Emerging Art Cities You Should Know
The Wall Street Journal: Mary M. Lane
Bogotá, Budapest, Johannesburg and Seoul are increasingly making their presence known on the global arts scene.

Syrian Refugees Join Mozart Opera to Deliver Message of Peace
Reuters: Kieran Guilbert
A special adaptation of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "Cosi fan tutte", which had its premiere in Stuttgart on Sunday, starred several Syrian refugees alongside a cast of international opera singers.

Classical Music Breaks Out and Joins the Youth Underground
The Observer: Tess Reidy
Radiohead star Jonny Greenwood teams up with online channel to bring orchestral sounds to a new audience

Vienna Philharmonic to Invest Nilsson Prize Money in Archive
New York Times: Rebecca Schmid
The Vienna Philharmonic, the recipient of this year’s Birgit Nilsson Prize, often known as the classical music world’s Nobel Prize, announced plans on Wednesday to invest the $1 million award in the digitization of its historic archive.


7 Musts to Make Part-Time Entrepreneurship Work for You Martin Zwilling
Pragmatic recommendations on how to make the most progress in your startup, while simultaneously juggling your other critical family and employer roles.

Want to Reach Millennials? This Is How They Spend Their Time. (Infographic) Kate Taylor
The average millennial spends 18 hours a day consuming media – often multiple forms at once. These forms are completely different from those favored by prior generation.

49 Percent of Americans Cut Back on Spending to Afford Technology
Digital Music News: Nina Ulloa
Forty nine percent (+/- 3.5 percent) of the U.S. population has cut back on spending to afford technology, according to The CNBC All-America Economic Survey.

A Look Into Entrepreneurial Approaches to Social Change Jean Chase
As social entrepreneurship continues to grow, a new opportunity has bloomed for investors who want to generate both a financial and a social return -- impact investing.


World's Oldest Art found in Indonesian Cave
Nature News & Comment
Analysis of images discovered in 1950s counters Eurocentric view of creativity's origins.

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