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While the producer price index in the general economy from 1987-2005 went up by around 40%, expenses per concert over the same period rose by approximately 300%. Duncan Webb offers a startling view of the choppy financial waters arts organizations are sailing through.

IU’s Michael Rushton offers an eloquent response, pointing out that sectors prone to cost disease can thrive where they maintain demand for their services.


What the Midterm Elections Mean for the Arts: Summary of 2014 Election
ARTSBlog: Nina Ozlu Tunceli
What does that mean for you and for us, as strong advocates of the arts and arts education? Here we break down the national, state, and local results – and their potential impact on the arts.

The Importance of Being Collaborative
Huffington Post: Mohammed Fairouz
Something exciting has been happening on the performing arts scene in the United States and abroad for several years now. An entire generation of composers and performers are taking the presentation of their works into their own hands. Jacobs School alumnus Andrew Altenbach is mentioned in the article.

The Positive Emotional Impact of Sad Music
Pacitic Standard: Tom Jacobs
A new multinational survey suggests listening to melancholy music has multiple rewards.

L’affaire Lazic: A Pianist and Reviewer Face Off
Washington Post: Anne Midgette
With recent changes in European law, a pianist requests that the Post take down a review of his 2010 recital. Read an interesting overview of the issue and rebuttal by seasoned reviewer Anne Midgette.

This CEO Spent His Stanford Years Taking Dance Classes—And They're Key To His Success
Fast Company: David Zax
When BeyondCore CEO Arijit Sengupta took an intro dance class at Stanford in 1995, he didn’t know it would transform his view of business.


Musical America Artists of the Year Announced
Musical America: Susan Elliott
Musical America announces Artist of the Year (Peter Sellars), Composer of the Year (John Luther Adams), Conductor of the Year (Gianandrea Noseda), Instrumentalist of the Year (Lisa Batiashvili), and Vocalist of the Year (Christine Goerke)

Warner Music Group to Create $100,000 Prize For Classical Musicians
WQXR: Brian Wise
Warner Music Group is scheduled to announce a $100,000 prize for young classical musicians on Monday, funded by the billionaire industrialist Len Blavatnik, who purchased the record company in 2011. A possible recipient is Jacobs School alumna Jamie Barton, who participated in a Project Jumpstart {well-advised} Lunch last Friday.

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Agrees to a New Labor Deal
New York Times: Michael Cooper
The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra announced on Saturday that it would end its two-month lockout after reaching a deal that would give its musicians small raises but require them to pay more for their health insurance, while also allowing the orchestra to leave positions vacant longer.

Peter Sellars To Stage His First Dance Work
New York Times: Roslyn Sulcas
Peter Sellars has directed operas and theater, collaborated with Toni Morrison and staged St. Matthew’s Passion with the Berlin Philharmonic. Now, he will turn his attention to Flex, a Brooklyn-born form of street dance, in a commission from the Park Avenue Armory.

Arts Organizations are Hiring Pros to Tell Their Stories
Washington Post: Peggy McGlone
In a dramatic shift in the way cultural institutions communicate with their audiences, arts groups across the country are increasingly cutting out the middleman and publishing news stories written by in-house journalists.

Philadelphia Chamber Orchestra's Bumpy Road To 50
Philadelphia Orchestra: Patrick Stearns
With its recent national tour with Branford Marsalis, 90-plus albums available on, the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia would seem to have arrived at its landmark birthday due for a well-earned victory lap. Yet at its season-opening concert last month, board president Susan Schwartz McDonald described the organization as "venerable . . . but vulnerable."

Florida Grand Opera Hopes its Own Drama Will Have a Happy Ending
Miami Herald: Jordan Levin
As the FGO prepares to launch its 74th season next week, with a production of Puccini’s Madama Butterfly, it has stripped its budget and staff to the bone. Now the troupe’s leaders say they must reverse the decline to ensure the company’s future.

After A Streesful Year, San Diego Arts Organizations Look Up
U-T San Diego: James Chute
The company found a way forward with new leadership and a trimmed budget, but the hard lessons of the opera’s failure and eventual rebirth are still reverberating through the arts community.

Taylor Swift Removes Her Entire Catalog from Spotify
Digital Music News: Paul Resnikoff
“It’s my opinion that music should not be free,” says Swift, “and my prediction is that individual artists and their labels will someday decide what an album’s price point is. I hope they don’t underestimate themselves or undervalue their art.”

Spotify Can't Succeed if It Keeps Screwing Songwriters (video)
Wired: David Israelite
“As the president of the trade association representing music publishers and songwriters like Swift, I was struck not only by the bravery of the move, but by the brazen reminder that creators have the right to control their work.”


Shakespeare On-Demand (video)
TNW: Paul Sawers
There’s no shortage of niche video-streaming platforms, but the Shakespeare’s Globe has just announced a new super-niche service that lets you rent or buy recordings of performances from the famous London theater.


Debunking The Myth Of Entrepreneurship
Forbes - video
Entrepreneurship as an aspiration has very little meaning. It’s like being ‘rich’ or ‘famous’. More importantly, one’s focus should be on doing something meaningful and using entrepreneurial techniques to get there.

The Doctor Will Dance For You Now
The Guardian: Lyndsey Winship
Why are French clowns invading hospitals and should there be dancing in the wards? Meet the performers injecting fresh blood into medical training.


A Brief Visual History Of Ballet In The 20th Century
Huffington Post: Katherine Brooks
From the photographic archives of Getty and the Associated Press, a few of the most iconic snapshots of ballerinas and prima donnas over the ages.

Red vs. Blue States: Key Takeaways From Pandora's Political Data Crunch
Billboard: Andrew Flanagan
Internet radio giant Pandora split the states between Democratic and Republican (blue and red), and then listed each state's favorite genre stations through the month of September.

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