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A Comprehensive Review of American Orchestras
Suby Raman (blog)
A look at the gender makeup of US orchestras, with data on all sections of the ensemble. Overall, there’s a 37/63% split in favor of men. What’s your guess at the gap among conductors?


Roll Over, Mahler: U.S. Orchestras Are Shrinking
New York Times: Michael Cooper
American orchestras are taking a page from the corporate world and thinking smaller: They are downsizing, shedding some full-time positions while making up the difference with less costly part-time musicians.

Classical Music's New Movement? Bob Riley and the Manchester Camerata
The Independent: Bob Riley
On the hunt for new audiences, Bob Riley and the Manchester Camerata are going where other orchestras fear to tread.

Incarceration and Musical Inspiration Part Two: The Human Piano
NewMusicBox: Julia Adolphe
Teaching music theory and appreciation at Auburn Correctional Facility, one of New York State’s largest all-male maximum-security prisons.

10 of the Best: Where Jazz Meets Classical
The Guardian: Tom Service
Fusion all too often means a hybrid that takes the bite out of both genres. Tom Service picks his 10 favorite moments when jazz met classical and the result was inspired rather than insipid.

How To Succeed In Bringing Your Kids To A Concert Without Really Trying
Adaptistration: Drew McManus
Some genuinely spectacular, and simple, steps parents can do to not only prepare their young ones for an enjoyable early concert experience but make the entire process one that develops an enduring bond.

Peter Sellars: ‘The United States is Coming Close to Censorship’
The Guardian: Peter Sellers and Imogen Tilden
He’s notorious for directing the controversial opera Klinghoffer, but Peter Sellars has no regrets about the outrage it provoked. Will The Gospel According to the Other Mary, his modern Passion inspired by censorship, poverty and slave labour, cause a new storm?


Metropolitan Opera’s Deficit Swells to $22 Million
New York Times: Michael Cooper
The Metropolitan Opera’s deficit ballooned to an estimated $22 million last year, the company said Thursday, as weaker-than-expected contributions and ticket sales combined with expenses related to the company’s labor talks to create its most serious shortfall in decades.

Frost School of Music and Universal Music Classics Partner on MusicU@Frost
Universal Music Press Release
A research initiative to identify and innovate new ways for aspiring young professional musicians to build and meaningfully engage with broad-based audiences for “classic” music genres.

ABT Plans Second Ballet School in California
OC Register: Americana Hernandez
New York’s American Ballet Theatre will create a new children’s ballet school at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts – the company’s first academy outside Manhattan.

Bostonians New Era of Creative Vibrancy
The Boston Globe: Martin J. Walsh and Julie Burros
The City of Boston has created a cabinet-level position with a chief of arts and culture.


Rome Opera's Management and Musicians Agree to End Standoff
New York Times: Rachel Donadio
Backing away from its proposal to fire 182 musicians and hire them back as freelancers, the management of the Rome Opera announced on Tuesday that it had reached an agreement with the musicians that would keep them on staff in exchange for pay cuts and a pledge not to go on strike.

Creating Haiti’s Future Leaders Through Art
The Huffington Post: Karl Romain
Many of the next generation of creative leaders in the country are being trained through arts organization partnerships.

Iraq’s Ballet School Speaks to City's Resilience
Yahoo News: Hamza Hendawi
The school has managed to survive decades of turmoil, a feat that speaks to the resilience of Baghdad's residents through war after war.


Smartphone App, Tweet Seats Add Interactivity to Philadelphia Concert Halls
WQXR: David Stearns
A smartphone app and tweet seats add interactivity to Philadelphia Concert Halls

Billboard's New Math: 1,500 Streams = One Album Sale - Digital Music NewsDigital Music News
DigitalMusicNews: Paul Resnikoff
The updated Billboard 200 will utilize accepted industry benchmarks for digital and streaming data, equating 10 digital track sales from an album to one equivalent album sale, and 1,500 song streams from an album to one equivalent album sale.

Uber Partners with Spotify
Digital Music News
When subscribers get a ride with a “Spotify enabled driver” they’ll have the ability to choose music from the Uber or Spotify apps

Amanda Palmer Releases New Book. And You Should Buy It
Digital Music News: Ari Herstand
The main takeaway is don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Don’t shy away from human connection. Embrace what makes you unique. And don’t worry if you feel insignificant or unworthy. Everyone has felt that at some point no matter what the profession.


Study Reports Musicians Show Advantages in Long Term Memory
If you're a musician, you'll remember this one for longer than others!

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