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Study Reveals Why the Arts Must Become More Accessible

The NEA and the Federal Reserve Bank Reports
Barry’s Blog
An excellent overview of some of the more pressing issues in the NEA findings, plus a review of a report from the San Francisco Federal Reserve that focused on Creative Placemaking as a central element of community development.


When Pop Broke Up With Jazz
Robert Siegel interviews Ben Yagoda about his new book, The B-Side: The Death of Tin Pan Alley and the Rebirth of the Great American Song.

It’s Not Just Björk: Women Are Tired of Not Getting Credit for Their Own Music
BrowBeat: Forrest Wickman
M.I.A., Solange Knowles, Taylor Swift, Björk, and Grimes: Women who are tired of not getting due credit for their music.

The Death of the (Musical) Middle Class Courtney Harding
Rather than focusing on building out a set of core competencies that can be broadly applied to different industries, people are still laser focused on being “something” (a journalist, a programmer, a musician, etc).

What The Resurrection of Vinyl Albums Actually Looks Like
HypeBot: Laura Schneider
While the uptick in vinyl records has turned some heads in the industry, it remains a far cry from turning tides.


Houston Grand Opera Raises $172.9 Million Through Fundraising Drive Steven Brown
Houston Grand Opera's Inspiring Performance fund drive breezed past its $165 million goal, attracting $172.9 million.

LA Chamber Orchestra Exec To Step Down Leaving Orchestra With Healthy Surpluses
Los Angeles Times: David Ng
The orchestra a surplus of about $1.8 million for last year and is forecasting another surplus for the current year.

Demonstrators Protest Appearance of Mariinsky Orchestra Conductor Valery Gergiev Alex McDougall
Demonstrators carried signs and posters and some lay down on the pavement outside Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor Saturday night to show their displeasure with Mariinsky Orchestra conductor Valery Gergiev.

City Opera Board Still Prefers Lower Bid
NY Times: Michael Cooper
The board for the bankrupt New York City Opera said Thursday that it still wanted to sell the company’s name and few remaining assets to its preferred suitor, even though another bidder offered $250,000 more for them at an auction in court earlier this week.


Drowning Ulster Orchestra Gets Lifeline From Northern Ireland Assembly
Belfast Telegraph: Chris Kilpatrick
The Ulster Orchestra has welcomed a much-needed cash injection, but serious concerns remain about its long-term future.

English National Opera Chair Resigns (He Just Stand Any More Funding Cuts)
Classical Music: Alex Stevens
The chairman of English National Opera, Martyn Rose, will step down from his position on 15 February, reportedly because he believes that a full-time commitment is required to guide the organization through its £5m drop in Arts Council England funding.

Denmark’s Chili-Pepper-Eating, Most Beloved Orchestra Nears End of Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign
The Danish National Chamber Orchestra (DNCO) has launched a Kickstarter campaign to continue bringing music to audiences in Denmark and beyond—even though, officially, it seems to be shut down.


More Face To Face, Less Face To Facebook: Reclaiming Your Brand In 2015 Laura Schneider
Now that Facebook has all but removed organic reach from Pages, brands and bands are left looking ways to recalibrate their online marketing for 2015.

2015 Gates Annual Letter Points to The Future
Bill and Melinda Gates
The lives of people in poor countries will improve faster in the next 15 years than at any other time in history. And their lives will improve more than anyone else's.

The Museum of the Future Is Here
The Atlantic: Robinson Meyer
Some things belong in a museum. But at the Smithsonian's recently reopened museum of design, a team has been rethinking what a thing is in the first place.


An Ode to SkyMall as It Files for Bankruptcy
Wired Magazine: Emily Dreyfuss
SkyMall, that stupid wonderful completely American wonder that, with its insistence that you take your own free copy, announced it was your right as a human in the ‘90s to never not be shopping.

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