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In a 3-2 vote on Feb. 26, the FCC approved new rules, regulating broadband internet as a public utility. How will the decision impact the music and arts?


With NEA Chairman Jane Chu’s participation in the upcoming IU symposium, we spotlight the independent agency of the U.S. government that strengthens the creative capacity of communities by providing Americans with diverse opportunities for arts participation.


Gidon Kremer: On the Murder of Boris Nemtsov
“No one can remain indifferent at this tragic hour.”

How Should Artists Engage with Times of Crisis?
Slate: John Luther Adams
Looming threats to the biosphere compel the composer to write music that is more than entertainment, more than a personal narrative or a celebration of the heroic struggle of the individual.

Why the Male Domination of Classical Music Might be Coming to an End
The Guardian: Jessica Duchen
For decades – no, make that centuries – the classical music world has sidelined women, if not ignored them completely. But the balance may be finally shifting.

Elegant, Evocative, Edgy — The New Face of Classical Music
CityScope Magazine: Karen Wilson
If you think classical music is stuffy, boring, and dead, you’d be surprised to meet Chattanooga’s passionate new generation of classical musicians.

How To Lose Donors & Alienate Patrons
Adaptistration: Drew McManus
In case you’ve missed it, the incoming board chair at Carnegie Hall, Ronald Perelman, has made it clear that he wants to fill that venue’s event calendar with more pop acts like the type he remembers from the 1950’s and 1960’s.

The Arts Comes Last in the Skills Adults Think Kids Need to Succeed
Barry’s Blog
In a recent Pew Research Center survey of what adults think are "the most important skills for children to get ahead in the world today", disappointingly, but not surprisingly, the arts come in last. Again.

Music to Shoot You By: Taking Beethoven on a Ride-Along in First-Person-Shooter Games
The Daily Beast: Ted Gioia
The tradition of Beethoven and Wagner is ignored by today’s academic composers, but over-the-top Romanticism thrives in first-person-shooter video games.

GABI's Gabrielle Herbst on Reinventing Classical Music and Writing an Opera About Death
Noisey: Carena Liptak
An eclectic composer interested in the symbols and archetypes that opera’s stories have and how people come to terms with their own lives in terms of these very intense emotions and gestures.


Fractured Atlas 2015 Arts Entrepreneurship Awards Honorees
LA Times: Jeffrey Fleishman
By experimenting and challenging conventional wisdom, these four winners have developed new approaches to age-old challenges in the arts field that can serve as models and inspiration for artists everywhere.

Memphis Symphony Orchestra Music Director Mei-Ann Chen to Step Down
The Commercial Appeal: Jon W. Sparks
Mei-Ann Chen, music director of the Memphis Symphony Orchestra since 2010, will leave the organization when her contract is up next year.

New York City Ballet Applies a Surreal Touch to Build Audiences
New York Times: Robin Pogrebin
The marriage of dance and art is one of City Ballet’s efforts to draw new, and younger, audiences. It is a crucial quest for many venerable institutions, particularly those presenting classical art forms.


Dancer Pay Levels to be Monitored Online as Part of New Website
The Stage: Georgia Snow
A website comparing dancers’ pay and conditions across the world has been launched to inform young dancers starting their careers.

Pakistan: Music Shops Disappeared as Result of War on Music
There was a time when Swat Valley in Northern Pakistan was described as the ‘Switzerland’ of the British Empire. Music had a strong position there until the ultra-conservative General Zia Ul Haq took power in 1979 and initiated a hostile culture policy.

ISIS Burns 8000 Rare Books and Manuscripts in Mosul
The Fiscal Times: Riyadh Mohammed
While the world was watching the Academy Awards, the people of Mosul were watching a different show – ISIS members burning the Mosul public library. More than 8,000 rare old books and manuscripts were destroyed.


How To Set Up A Music Teaching Business
Music Think Tank: Martyn Croston
Before you plunge into the deep end and spend all your life savings on creating a top notch music studio, you need to bear in mind several factors which can have an enormous impact on your business.


Scientists Create Music for Cats, and Fur a Good Reason
The Huffington Post: Macrina Cooper-White
The researchers tested their compositions on 47 male and female domestic cats in their homes. The kitties heard "Cozmo's Air" and "Rusty's Ballad," along with two human music pieces for comparison: Gabriel Fauré's "Elegie" and Johann Sebastian Bach's "Air on a G String."

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