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Blurred Lines' Verdict a Blow to Creative Expression
LA Times: Randall Roberts
Imagine if the James Brown estate were awarded money whenever an artist riffed on that classic J.B. breakbeat.

‘Blurred Lines’ Verdict Likely to Alter Music Business
Associated Press: Anthony McCartney
A verdict saying Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke copied Marvin Gaye’s music to create their hit song “Blurred Lines” could ripple across the music industry, potentially changing how artists work and opening the door to new copyright claims.

Blurred Lines and Copyright Infringement
Washington Post: David Post
“I daresay Marvin Gaye himself would have been a hell of a lot more reasonable about what Thicke and Williams did than his heirs (and their bevy of lawyers) have been.”

What’s Wrong With the ‘Blurred Lines’ Copyright Ruling
New York Times: Jon Caramanica
Owing to the specifics of copyright law, the jury was instructed to base its decision on the sheet music, a fact that reflects how inadequate copyright law is when it comes to contemporary songwriting and production practices.

Representing around 800 orchestras across the U.S., the League is dedicated to helping organizations meet the challenges of the 21st century. A recent addition to their support is the Story Bank that highlights how orchestras provide unique value to their communities.


President of Norwegian Parliament: “Curb Artistic Freedom and You Curb Democracy”
“There are few with the power to convey something about the society we live in with such depth, complexity and honesty as artists and musicians. The role of art is to take us to the edge, expand the universe and open our minds. No one has the ability to ease society’s pain like artists and musicians. Which is why their voices are so essential.” - Olemic Thommessen

Top 10 Reasons to Support the Arts in 2015
ArtsBlog: Randy Cohen
We know there are many more reasons to support the arts. What are yours?

Classical Music's Surprising Effect on Genes Vital to Memory and Learning
PsyBlog: Jeremy Dean

Should New York City Opera be Revived?
WQXR: Fred Plotkin
Is there a future for the New York City Opera or should it just be left to blessed memory?

Barbara Hannigan: Gender Is Not A Trait Of Conducting An Orchestra
The Guardian: Barbara Hannigan
So, what has the famous soprano Barbara Hannigan learned since she picked up the baton – and started waving it in a (shock!) sleeveless dress?

Tracking the Evolving Brain of the Young Musician
Pacific Standard: Tom Jacobs
An ambitious five-year study of young orchestral players aims to determine how taking group music lessons impacts them intellectually and emotionally.


How One Former Marine Used Ballet To Spread Veterans' Stories Around The World
Huffington Post: Priscilla Frank

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Musicians Air Frustrations
Baltimore Sun: Tim Smith
BSO musicians are expressing frustration with the number of open positions, increased workload and what they perceive to be artistic weak spots — as well as longstanding dissatisfaction over annual base pay, currently $71,214.

David Bennett Named General Director of San Diego Opera
UT SanDiego: James Chute
David Bennett, the executive director of New York’s adventuresome Gotham Chamber Opera, will be the next general director of the San Diego Opera.


The World’s Largest Opera Houses Defend the English National Opera
Heads of the world's most prestigious companies have signed a public letter condemning funding cuts at English National Opera.

Conducting’s Next Big Question: Who Will Bag The Berlin Phil?
The Guardian:
With Simon Rattle’s next post in London finally confirmed, attention returns to the Berlin Philharmonic and the question of who will succeed him as its principal conductor.

Growing Pains in Cuban Dance
The New Yorker: Joan Acocella
What effect will Obama’s easing of trade and travel between the United States and Cuba have on the island’s most important artistic exports, music and dance? Plenty, no doubt, and soon.


The Museum Audio Tour Becomes Multimedia Extravaganza
PSFK: Jason Brick
As part of a new era in interactive guides, EXplora MUseum does away with oldschool ways.

The Complete DIY Guide To Getting Your Music Featured On Music Blogs Nicholas David
Since many new artists often don’t have the money to embark on national tours, advertise on major music outlets, or sometimes even print physical copies of their own album, getting coverage on music blogs (both local and national) is the best way for them to spread the word about the music they’re creating.


Preview the Epic Dance Opera Filmed Inside CERN's Large Hadron Collider
The Creators Project: Becky Chung
Inside CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the particle accelerator where scientists are studying the tiniest building blocks of the natural world and peering at the remnants of the explosive birth of our universe, an unlikely group of individuals in suits and construction helmets burst into dance.


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