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30 Years of Music Industry Change - in 30 Seconds
Digital Music News: Paul Resnikoff
A striking representation of how much our use of recorded music has shifted over the past three decades. Just the past few years has brought us breathtaking shifts within the digital world. To see individual years, click the icons on the lower area of the article.


Attracting An Elusive Audience
The Wallace Foundation: Wallace Studies in Building Arts Audiences
Do you have time to absorb a really important study? If so… click the title and read on. We are witnessing a dynamic shift in arts participation. Much evidence suggests that Americans are longing to take part in the arts but want to do so beyond how we have come to define (or measure) participation.

Music Graduates are More Employable Than You Might Think
The Guardian: Harry Slater
The foreword to the 4th Edition of the The Future of With unique skills and a broad range of graduate jobs on offer, music students have better prospects than people imagine.

Revealed: The Type of Music That Makes You Feel Most Powerful
PsyBlog: Jeremy Dean
Music has already been shown to have all kinds of effects on the mind, like making you happier, reducing pain and bringing people together. Now a new study finds that music of the right kind can transform the listener’s sense of power.


New Foundation Will Support, and Commission, American Music
The New York Times: Allan Kozinn
Lawrence A. Johnson, a Chicago music critic, got tired of complaining that musical organizations were not performing enough American music and decided to do something about it.

Met Opera Standoff Threatens $60 Million Theater Business
The Hollywood Reporter: Pamela McClintock
Live performances being broadcast into theaters could come to an end if a federal mediator can't help solve a worsening labor dispute.

Met’s Labor Woes Divide Opera Fans as Well as Participants
New York Times: Michael Cooper
The labor strife at the Metropolitan Opera has inflamed the passions of opera lovers, stoking debate in a world that relishes rivalries even in happier times: Wagnerites versus Verdians, Callas worshipers versus Tebaldi-ites, modernists versus those who think opera ended with Puccini.


Frans Brüggen, Pioneer Of Period-Instrument Movement, Dead At 79
BBC: Rosie Pentreath
As well as conducting his period-instrument orchestra, Brüggen was joint principal guest conductor of the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment from 1992 onwards and was director of the Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra from 1991 to 1994.

The Lights Go Out On Italy's Fourth Largest Opera House
Newsweek: Elisabeth Braw
The Petruzzelli, the best-known landmark of this charming and somewhat chaotic port city on Italy’s south-eastern coast, has run out of money.


91% of Music Fans Sample a Song on YouTube Before Buying It
Digital Music News: Paul Resnikoff
Before you purchase a recording, what do you do?

To Tweet Seat or Not To Tweet Seat: An Insider's Perspective
Arts Management & Technology Laboratory
The last twelve months provided an opportunity to play with this still new (and at times, controversial) audience engagement tool.

Which to Use? Photo, Video, Link, or Text-Only Posts on Facebook?
Dan Zarella (blog)
An analysis that uses a database of 11.4 million posts published by just over 24,000 of the most liked Facebook pages, dating back to 2010 and earlier.

Your Facebook Page's Organic Reach Is About to Plummet
Social Media Today: Tara Urso
Your Facebook page’s organic reach is about to plummet even more than it has in past six months, down to a lowly 1%-2%.

How to Get Your Nonprofit $40,000 in Google Advertising
Marketing Mojo Logo: Heidi Kramer
Google recently announced that their Google Grantspro program through Google Ad Grants is once again open for applicants, as long as they meet the new requirements.

Can Science Build a Better Piano?
Science Friday: Ira Flatow
Acoustic scientists at NYU have recently started to quantify that information by mapping the sound that radiates from a piano. Generations of craftsmen like know pianos by sound, and feel, and scientists are just beginning to understand that complexity.


This Man Is Playing Violin During His Own Brain Surgery
News.Mic: Erin Brodwin
By playing his violin during a brain operation, professional violinist Roger Frisch was able to guide his surgeons toward the segment of his brain where a misfiring signal was causing his hands to break out periodically in rhythmic shaking.

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