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Boulez and Bowie


Pierre Boulez, enfant terrible, pushed modernism’s boundaries and had a profound influence on the world of classical music. Here are some of the responses to his prolific life.  

David Bowie, The Man Who Fell to Earth, was an artistic giant who excelled at glam rock, art rock, soul, hard rock, dance pop, punk and electronica during his eclectic 40-plus-year career.


Adele, Streaming Services Lift 2015 Music Sales
AFP: Shaun Tandon
The rapid growth of streaming and sensational success of Adele triggered a rebound of overall music consumption last year in the United States and Britain.

With Changing Ways, Total Record Sales Declined in 2015 
Associated Press: Kristin M. Hall
Overall record sales continued to decline in 2015 as consumers keep switching to on-demand streaming services.

In 2015, Half of All Music Spending Went to Live Concerts
Digital Music News: Paul Resnikoff
More than half of every dollar spent on music in the US went to live events.


Music in the Brain
MIT News: Anne Trafton
For the first time, scientists identify a neural population highly selective for music.

Creativity, Emotions, and the Brain
Pacific Standard: Tom Jacobs
New research finds different patterns of brain activity when improvising musicians are expressing happy feelings as opposed to sad ones.

Researchers See Potential Role for Dance in Treating Neurodegenerative Disorders
Medical Press: Scott Edwards
Scientists gave little thought to the neurological effects of dance until relatively recently, when researchers began to investigate the complex mental coordination that dance requires.

Listening to “Star Wars”
The New Yorker: Alex Ross
The Star Wars scores are far more sophisticated than they get credit for.

The Magic that Makes Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlists So Damn Good
Quartz: Adam Pasick
Every Monday morning 75 million Spotify users received a great new mixtape: 30 songs that feel like a gift from a music-loving friend, who might once have made a cassette tape with your name scrawled across the front.


Gianandrea Noseda Appointed as New Music Director of National Symphony Orchestra
In a surprisingly early decision made by the National Symphony Orchestra, the company has announced that Italian conductor, Gianandrea Noseda, will take the reins as its seventh music director.

Center for Performing Arts in Carmel Runs Surplus for Second Straight Year
IBJ: Lindsey Erdody
The Center for the Performing Arts has finished two consecutive seasons with a surplus, but the young not-for-profit is still continually brainstorming creative ways to increase revenue.

Miami City Ballet - Why We Dance
YouTube: Miami City Ballet
For its 30th Anniversary Season, Miami City Ballet asked members from every rank of its international, 51-member company to tell their stories.

Analyzing The Hartford Symphony Shutdown Threat
- Part One
- Part Two


Italy's Next Top Conductor is Coming to Your Hometown
The Economist: Prospero
Italian conductors are making a mark at leading orchestras and opera houses around the world.

Brighton Music Festival Announces Laurie Anderson as 2016 Guest Director
Classicalite: Ian Holubiak
The scientifically sound composer and artist Laurie Anderson has been named guest director of the 50th annual Brighton Music Festival.


The Ultimate Social Media Sizing Guide for 2016
Digital Music News: Paul Resnikoff
Stay on top of every social media network’s 2016 sizing guide  with On Blast Blog.


Laurie Anderson Holds a Concert for Dogs in Times Square
Classicalite: Ian Holubiak
Dog owners will go to great lengths for their canines, sure but how about attending a concert in the blistering cold designed strictly for their ears? Performance artist Laurie Anderson recently held a concert in Times Square specifically for dogs; at a volume and pitch perfect for their tender ears.


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