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Philip Glass Celebrates His 80th Birthday With an 11th Symphony
NY Times: William Robinjan
On Tuesday the composer Philip Glass will celebrate his 80th birthday at Carnegie Hall with the world premiere of his Symphony No. 11, performed by the Bruckner Orchestra Linz under Dennis Russell Davies.

A Philip Glass Moment That Could Last Forever
NPR’s Deceptive Cadence: David Lang

‘Swimming in a trance-like state’: Paul Simon on Philip Glass
Deceptive Cadence from NPR Classical | Paul Simon

Laurie Anderson finds ‘New ways to breathe’ in a Philip Glass Etude
Deceptive Cadence from NPR Classical | Laurie Anderson

Nico Muhly’s ‘Mathematical, organic and achingly beautiful’ Philip Glass
Deceptive Cadence from NPR Classical | Nico Muhly

Errol Morris: The American institution of Philip Glass
Deceptive Cadence from NPR Classical | Errol Morris


Timely Lessons About Faith and Intolerance
The Globe and Mail: Robert Everett-Green
The opera Dialogues des Carmélites should be seen and heard by everyone moved to moments of terror by the new master of the White House.

As Trump Threatens the NEA, an Artist Compiles All the Projects It Funded Last Year
Hyperallergic: Claire Voon

To illustrate the vitality of the National Endowment for the Arts, artist Tega Brain created a website that gathers all the projects the agency funded in 2016.

What Our New Audience Wants
Greg Sandow (Blog)
Over and over I’ve said that our classical music world doesn’t feel like the world outside, the world most people live in. Including our hoped-for new audience! One organization that did something to address the problem, bigtime, is the California Symphony, spearheaded by its executive director, Aubrey Bergauer. So, without another word, I’ll link to Aubrey’s post on the orchestra’s blog, a post called “Orchestra X: The Results.”

Darcy Bussell and Fiona Shaw Back ‘Call to Arms’ for Arts Education
The Stage (UK): Georgia Snow
Dancer Darcey Bussell, actor Fiona Shaw and culture minister Matt Hancock are among those backing a "call to arms" for arts education in the UK, as a new report on its benefits is published.

The Arts Divide in America
Hyperallergic: Hrag Vartanian
The divide between the art community and the American public is something people are constantly trying to figure out.

Confirmed: Musicians Have Faster Reaction Times Than Non-Musicians
Classic FM: Amy MacKenzie
A recent study published by the University of Montreal has revealed that musical people have faster reactions than non-musical people, with research proving there is a link between playing an instrument and strong reactions to non-musical stimuli.

Is VR the Future of Live Music?
BBC: Steve Holden and Jimmy Blake
As major labels and bands experiment with VR and gig streaming, Newsbeat looks at whether it's the format to shape live music.


Just In: New Deal Gives Musicians $100k Minimum Wage in St. Louis
Slipped Disc: Norman Lebrecht
The St. Louis Symphony and the American Federation of Musicians have reached agreement on a new five-year contract seven months before deadline.

Jacksonville Symphony, Musicians Reach New Rive-Year Agreement
Florida Times-Union: Charlie Patton
The season will be expanded and incomes to jump 37%!

All Three Major Labels, Pandora and RIAA Support Hi-Res Audio Streaming
Billboard Magazine: Andy Gensler
A large swath of the music business, including all three major labels (Universal Music Group, Sony Music and the Warner Music Group), the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and music platforms such as Pandora, Rhapsody/Napster and HD Tracks, all in concert with the Digital Entertainment Group (DEG), recently announced their support for studio-quality hi-res audio for music streaming.

Pandora - 2016’s Most Streamed Music Service
Digital Music News: Daniel Adrian Sanchez
In the 2016 Music Streaming Wars, Pandora emerged victorious.

Universal: You’re all gonna have to trust us on this one…
Music Business Worldwide: Rhian Jones
You’d be a fool if you didn’t notice that, as streaming continues to cannibalize the ‘old world’ music business, there are some growing tensions out there.

Facebook Poaches Key YouTube Exec as Global Music Strategy Boss
Music Business Worldwide: Tim Ingham
You won’t see many more important appointments in the global music business than this. Facebook has poached Tamara Hrivnak to lead its global music strategy worldwide. She leaves behind her role as Director Of Music Partnerships at YouTube and Google Play in San Francisco.

Meet the Project: Doppelgänger Dance Collective
Fractured Atlas: Aisha Jordan
Interview with the entrepreneurial duo, Doppelgänger Dance Collective (DDC), co-founded in 2015 by dancers Shura Baryshnikov and Danielle Davidson. Their work fosters the creation and performance of original, contemporary choreographic work for duet performance.

The Accidental Opera Star
LA Times: Christopher Smith
Opera is often called the most irrational art form. Seen through that lens, bass singer Morris Robinson’s unlikely career path makes wonderful sense.


Syrian Musician in Limbo After Travel Ban
Associated Press
A Syrian musician who was allowed to legally immigrate to the United States on account of his "extraordinary" abilities, and who recently toured with famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma, is now wondering whether he can return to his Brooklyn home.

Visa Ban Leaves Artists in Limbo, and Institutions Perplexed
NY Times: Rachel Donadiojan
Cultural figures and institutions are calculating how the new policies will harm their art and missions.


Why You’ll Never Get Rich on YouTube (in one easy diagram)
Digital Music News: Paul Resnikoff
It’s not that YouTube won’t help to you build an audience (it will).  But it definitely shouldn’t be your long-term focus as an artist (unless you like being broke).  Here’s the data the proves why.

Relying on Streaming Models Hurts Artists, Labels, and Music
Digital Music News: Daniel Adrian Sanchez
Who says indie isn’t doing well in the music industry? Bandcamp announces booming indie sales.

10 Songwriting Tips From the Pros
Digital Music News: Paul Resnikoff
Songwriting is a passion, not a job.  But how can you become an amazing songwriter and build a lucrative career?  Here are ten tips from established, professional songwriters that could change the way you write.

The Complete Guide to Selling Your Music Online
Music Think Tank: Dave Cool/Bandzoogle
This comprehensive guide details all of the options for selling your music online. This includes which platforms you should focus on, how to maximize your revenues, and some promotional ideas to help drive more sales.


How to Play your Vinyl Records Without a Turntable
Digital Music News: Daniel Adrian Sanchez
Forget about a block-controlled vinyl turntable. Why not try your smartphone?

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