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Josh Bell

A trove of video conversations by Zsolt Bognár with leading classical musicians of our time. IU is well represented and here are a few interviews you may be interested to watch:

  • Joshua Bell
  • Jeremy Denk
  • Lawrence Brownlee

    The Arts Community Embraced Obama — But Has He Embraced the Arts?
    The Washington Post: Philip Kennicott
    He is interested in culture, to be sure, but it is the living culture of our time, often the celebrity culture of popular music and commercial theater, but rarely the stuff people used to call “high” culture. Or that, at least, is the image his handlers have crafted.

    What Killed the Jingle?
    The Atlantic: Tiffany Stanley
    Marketing ditties once had a distinctive, hokey sound, but today’s advertisers have ditched them for standard pop songs.

    Why You’ll Probably Never Hear a Sondheim Concerto
    NYT: Anthony Tommasini
    Music alone has never been the primary driver of his work.


    Cracking a Glass Ceiling with the Maestro’s Baton
    NYT: Michael Cooper
    Of the 37 four-star officers currently serving in the United States military, three, or 8.1 percent, are women, according to the Pentagon. But Ms. Alsop is the only woman leading one of America’s two dozen big-budget orchestras. That works out to a little over 4.1 percent.

    Hiplet: An Implausible Hybrid Plants Itself on Pointe
    NYT: Gia Kourlas
    What happens when you mix hip-hop and ballet? You get hiplet, one of the more curious hybrids to make its way out of the dance world into popular culture.

    San Diego Symphony Players to Get a Big Raise

    MusicalAmerica: Susan Elliott
    The musicians of the San Diego Symphony will be getting a $10k raise over the next five years.

    With $1.5 million deficit, Pittsburgh Symphony at 'Critical Crossroad'

    Trib-Live: Mark Kanny
    Pittsburgh Symphony is at a “critical crossroad,” said President Malia Tourangeau on Monday as she urged approval of more than $1.4 million from the Regional Asset District. Despite exceeding budget goals for the 2015-16 season in earned and contributed income, the orchestra will post a $1.5 million deficit for the season ending Aug. 31, she said.

    Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra Musicians Reject Proposed Contract
    Star-Telegram: Andrea Ahles
    Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra musicians Sunday night rejected a new contract proposed by symphony management, setting the stage for a strike vote later this week.

    Revamping New York Times Kills Regional Theater, Restaurant & Arts Coverage
    Deadline Hollywood: Jeremy Gerard
    The New York Times this week quietly ended its coverage of restaurants, art galleries, theaters and other commercial and nonprofit businesses in the tri-state region, laying off dozens of longtime contributors and prompting protests from many of the institutions that will be affected.


    Edinburgh Festivals Break Box Office Records Again in 2016
    The Stage: Thom Dibdin
    The Edinburgh International Festival and Edinburgh Festival Fringe have broken box office records for their events this year, with EIF posting ticket sales valued at more than £4 million.

    A View on Female Conductors: Time to Take the Baton

    The Guardian Editorial
    Women have equality in many departments of the classical music world. But conducting remains a male preserve, which is not acceptable.

    South African Opera House Accused of Exploiting Black Singers

    The Guardian: Severin Carrell and Mark Brown
    Chorus members were dismissed after challenging discrepancies in pay for appearing abroad in opera set in colonial Africa.

    Rising from the Ruins: An Opera Brings Healing to Nepal

    American Theatre: Deborah Merola
    A cross-cultural opera in Nepal isn’t just building dialogue—it’s also helping to rebuild a quake-ravaged city.

    The Great Orchestra Challenge: A UK TV Show

    The Guardian: Paul Daniel
    Amateur orchestras are the lifeblood of the UK’s musical culture, says Paul Daniel, the judge of the BBC’s new series searching for the country’s best.


    Kickstarter’s Impact On The Creative Economy
    A recent study finds that Kickstarter projects have employed 283,000 part-time collaborators in bringing creative projects to life; created 8,800 new companies and nonprofits, and 29,600 full-time jobs; such jobs have generated more than $5.3 billion in direct economic impact for those creators and their communities.

    The Kickstarter Economy: 29,600 Full-Time Jobs, $5.3 Billion in Activity
    Mashable: Kerry Flynn
    In the six years studied by the reporter, Kickstarter has helped employ 283,000 part-time collaborators and has created an estimated 8,800 companies and nonprofits and 29,600 full-time jobs.


    15 Musicians Spent the Night in an Active Volcano. Listen to What Happened.
    NYT: Charly Wilder
    Last Thursday at dusk, 15 musicians gathered at an active volcanic crater on this small island in the southern Aegean Sea for an experiment in improvisational site-specific performance. They played for 10.5 hours.

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