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In celebration of Josh Bell's upcoming performance, Tuesday, we focus our attention on the emerging technology he's been involved in recently.
The newly released Joshua Bell VR Experience uses inventive techniques to give the viewer an immersive front row seat to the Jacobs alumnus' world-class performing.

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Career Skills and Entrepreneurship Training for Artists
Strategic National Arts Alumni Project
Of the recent arts alumni surveyed around the country, those who developed financial and business skills while at their institutions are: 39% more likely to feel their education integrated all aspects of career development, 36% more confident in managing their finances, 35% more likely to feel they were exposed to a broad view of careers in and outside the arts, 14% more satisfied with their income from their primary job, 8% more likely to have had coursework emphasizing multiple approaches to problem solving, 6% more likely to locate a job within four months of graduating.

The Folly of Abolishing the N.E.A.

NY Times: Thomas P. Campbell
The N.E.A.’s budget is comparatively minuscule — $148 million last year, or 0.004 percent of the total federal budget — while the arts sector it supports employs millions of Americans and generates billions each year in revenue and tax dollars.

Quality Isn’t Enough: Canadian Arts Content Needs Government Support

The Globe and Mail: Kate Taylor
The Arts Might Be Great In Canada, But The Ecosystem Of Art Will Fall Without Government Support.

Seeing Noise: How Art and Design Transformed Popular Music

DOT Magazine: Scott Timberg
How do we grasp David Bowie or Prince without their visual representations?

Marc Jacobs and Adele Prove Addressing Race – and Racism – in the Arts is a Risk Worth Taking

Quartz: Jenni Avins
Properly recognizing the contributions of black artists—and calling out the institutions that systematically ignore them—is one small step in leveling the playing field.

The Arts in the Bay Area

Barry’s Blog
An in-depth conversation about the arts ecology in the Bay Area with Tom DeCaigny - Director of Cultural Affairs, San Francisco Arts Commission; Michele Seville - Arts & Culture Manager, City of Richmond; Connie Martinez - CEO, Silicon Valley Creates; Roberto Bedoya - Cultural Affairs Manager, City of Oakland; Kerry Adams Hapner - Director of Cultural Affairs for the City of San Jose; Kristen Madsen - Director, Creative Sonoma; Olivia Dodd - CEO & President, Napa Valley Arts Council
Days: One, Two, Three, Four, Five


Stanislaw Skrowaczewski, Conductor Who Fled Poland, Dies at 93
NY Times: Richard Sandomirfeb
Skrowaczewski, a conductor who defected from his native Poland in 1960 to take charge of the Minnesota Orchestra for the next 19 years, died on Tuesday in Minneapolis. He was 93.

One of the Best Drummers of All Time Has Passed Away

Digital Music News: Paul Resnikoff
He was the ‘Funky Drummer’ in James Brown’s band, and one of the best drummers of all time. And even if you don’t know Clyde Stubblefield by name, you probably know his most famous beat.

Tanglewood Presents Plan for Big Expansion

Boston Globe: Malcolm Gay
The Boston Symphony Orchestra is set to launch an ambitious expansion of its Tanglewood campus in Lenox, creating a new $30 million complex of performance, dining, and rehearsal buildings that will expand the summer music festival’s offerings to audiences and improve facilities for musicians.

Universal Posts Record Revenues for 2016 – as Streaming Overtakes Physical Sales

Music Business Worldwide: Tim Ingham
Universal Music Group had its best ever fiscal performance under Vivendi ownership in 2016, thanks to a small increase in total revenues – despite download sales crashing by $294m.

Historical Dance School for Black Students Thrives

Voice of America: June Soh
This is Black History Month in the U.S. Jones-Haywood Dance School in the nation's capital has been making history for more than 75 years with its commitment to high-quality dance training.

Why This High School Band Is Only Buying Music From Composers Of Color This Year

NPR: Solvejg Wastvedt
The band directors at Spring Lake Park, outside of St. Paul, Minn., have pledged to include at least one piece by a female composer and one by a composer of color in each concert, for each of the school's bands.

A Fearless, Ferocious Violinist Takes New York

NY Times: Zachary Woolf
Of the many excellent, polished violinists in the classical world, there is only one Patricia Kopatchinskaja. She takes the standard repertory and makes it seem vividly, sometimes harrowingly new.

Breathlessly Spiraling Bach: The 8 Best Classical Music Moments This Week

NY Times: Multiple reviewers
NY Times critics and reporters collect the best of what they’ve been hearing: the notes that sent shivers down their spines, the memorable voices, the quotations that cut to the heart of the story.

Battle of the Bands: At 175, New York and Vienna Face Off

NY Times: Michael Cooper
It is a quirk of history that two of the world’s greatest orchestras, the Vienna Philharmonic and the New York Philharmonic, were both founded 175 years ago this spring. Both ensembles are performing in New York this weekend, and to mark their anniversaries, they are displaying treasures from their archives in a rare joint exhibition at the Austrian Cultural Forum in Manhattan.

John Coltrane’s ‘Interstellar Space” at 50: Legacy of a Free-Jazz Masterpiece

Rolling Stone:  Hank Shteamer
Read how 'Interstellar Space,' John Coltrane's bold duo LP with drummer Rashied Ali, launched its own mini movement in jazz and beyond. The saxophonist's groundbreaking duo LP summed up his cosmic quest, influencing generations of jazz and rock seekers – from Nels Cline to Jack DeJohnette.


Sadiq Khan (London Mayor): Government’s Arts Education Cuts are a ‘False Economy’
The Stage: Georgia Snow
London mayor Sadiq Khan has joined campaigners in criticising the exclusion of the arts from the English Baccalaureate. Khan also launched an attack on the impact of government education cuts on creativity in schools, claiming it is a "false economy" to make cutbacks that affect the arts.


How to Get Booked at Music Festivals
Music Think Tank: Lisa Occhino
Booking a music festival gig is one of the most effective ways to grow your fanbase and grab the attention of industry tastemakers. Earning a coveted slot on a festival lineup is a key indicator that you’re not only an extremely talented band, but also that you’re serious about putting in the work to take your music career to the next level.

How to Effectively Manage Royalties and Contracts

Music Think Tank: Rachelle Wilber
When a band begins to achieve success, money will start coming in. These four tips will help you to effectively manage your income.

4 Ways a Great Graphic Designer Can Help Musicians Market their Music

Music Think Tank: Dixie Somers
A well-designed image can serve as a strong marketing tool. There are four ways a graphic designer can have a direct impact on your marketing efforts.


Hear How ‘Moonlight’ Got Its Sound: Violins, Chopped and Screwed
NY Times: Michael Cooper
Chamber music might not seem like an obvious candidate to be “chopped and screwed”: remixed and slowed down in the style pioneered by DJ Screw when he transformed Houston’s hip-hop scene a generation ago. But that unlikely inspiration helped give the film “Moonlight,” whose score is nominated for an Academy Award, its otherworldly sound.

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