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Trump Proposes Eliminating the Arts and Humanities Endowments
NY Times: Sopan Deb
A deep fear came to pass for many artists, museums, and cultural organizations nationwide early Thursday morning when President Trump, in his first federal budget plan, proposed eliminating the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Blueprint for Saving the NEA
Barry's Blog
Every single person in the arts ought to enlist the support of one person outside the arts to make that phone call or write that letter or email.

Statement from National Endowment for the Arts Chairman Jane Chu on the FY 18 Budget
NEA: Jane Chu
We understand that the President’s budget request is a first step in a very long budget … At this time, the NEA continues to operate as usual and will do so until a new budget is enacted by Congress.

What America Without the NEA and NEH Would Look Like, and Why That Matters

Christian Science Monitor: Mengqi Sun
the elimination of the arts agencies will do most damage in some of the parts of the country that had supported Trump the most.

The Real Cost of Abolishing the National Endowment for the Arts

The Atlantic: Sophie Gilbert
President Trump’s budget proposal would have a disproportionate impact on organizations in rural and underserved communities.


25 Songs That Tell Us Where Music is Going
NY Times Magazine: Nitsuh Abebe
A strange thing you learn about American popular music, if you look back far enough, is that for a long time it didn’t much have “genres” — it had ethnicities.

In an Age of Ultra-Nationalism, What Happens to Music?
San Francisco Classical Voice: Mark MacNamara
Although the tangible effects are mostly speculative, there is growing concern — not just about immigration but also the funding threats to the NEA and NEH. It appears to be 1939 for the arts, and the concern extends from the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center to the Seattle Symphony.

The Roots of Men’s Disinterest in the Arts

Pacific Standard: Tom Jacobs
New research suggests the arts gender gap originates in young boys’ desire to conform to conventional notions of masculinity.

Classical so White and Male: Time is Overdue for Diversity

San Francisco Chronicle: Joshua Kosman
The lack of ethnic and gender diversity among performers and even more critically among the composers whose work is represented on the programs of America’s symphony orchestras and opera companies has long been a stigma for classical music.

Just A Reminder That Women Dominate Pop Music, But Still Rarely Produce It

The Huffington Post: Sara Bobolitz
When they’re not in front of a microphone, women in the studio have always had it tough. Still today, there are so few in music production that no one even bothers to count.

Time for Changes in Classical Music

ArtsProfessional (UK): David Taylor
The concert-going experience is the same as it was over a century ago – it’s time to make some changes.

where have classical music’s uppercase letters gone?

NY Times: Michael Cooper
Composers of what is known, for better or worse, as classical music have broken over time with sonata form, tonality, serialism, and minimalism. And in recent decades, quite a few have also broken with the shift keys on their keyboards.

Music is About Emotions and Connecting People – Not Money or Ego
Music Business Worldwide: Tim Ingham
MBW’s World’s Greatest Songwriters series celebrates the pop composers behind the globe’s biggest hits. This month, we talk to Savan Kotecha, the uber-talented musician who has penned smashes for everyone from One Direction to Usher and Ariana Grande.


In a Startling Coup, New York Lures L.A. Phil Chief Deborah Borda
LA Times: Mark Swed
The Wednesday announcement that Deborah Borda will soon be leaving the Los Angeles Philharmonic to run the New York Philharmonic seemed to many on both coasts a startling coup by a competitive orchestra. But it is, in fact, the inevitable return of a prodigal daughter to complete unfinished business at home.

Lyric Opera is Facing the Music Head-On

Crain’s Chicago Business: Editors
We applaud Lyric for refusing to rest on its legacy and for confronting its challenges. By mixing up its recipe for packing the house, Lyric hopes to stay sustainable through the 21st century.

Hip-Hop’s Love Affair with Donald Trump Is Officially Over

The Daily Beast: Amy Zimmerman
Kanye deleting his Trump tweets. Snoop Dogg’s video of him mock-shooting a clown Trump. T.I.’s anti-Trump tirade. Rappers idolized Trump, but now they’re singing a different tune.

Cloning Yo-Yo Ma: This Week’s 8 Best Classical Moments

NY Times
Esa-Pekka Salonen’s swirling Cello Concerto, a coup at the NY Phil and a whoopee-cushion sound in Beethoven were among the highlights.

Austin Rocks Out At The 2017 SXSW Film Festival

The Ringer: Sean Fennessey
At the SXSW Film Festival, programmers and filmmakers treat moviegoing like a concert. With the debuts of ‘Baby Driver,’ ‘Song to Song,’ and ‘Atomic Blonde,’ this year’s festival felt like a riled-up club show and a curated Spotify playlist all at once.

Chuck Berry, Musician Who Helped Define Rock ’N’ Roll, Dies at 90

NY Times: John Parales
Mr. Berry was rock’s master theorist and conceptual genius, a songwriter who understood what the kids wanted before they did themselves.


Paul McCartney, Denied Control Over Beatles Hits For Decades, Is Told To Wait
NPR Music: Andrew Flanagan
After missing two chances to control the compositions he co-authored while in The Beatles — once in 1969 when he and John Lennon were outbid and again to Michael Jackson, in a duplicitous move by the King of Pop, in the '80s — Paul McCartney is not taking any chances.

Music for the Thinking Ear

Atavist: Mark Berry
“Music for the thinking ear” was the slogan for Berlin’s new Pierre Boulez Saal, which opened its doors to the public on Saturday, March 4.

Barenboim on Music

YouTube: Daniel Barenboim
Conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim has published a free YouTube channel with delightful 5-minute videos about classical masterpieces.


How Spotify is Finally Gaining Leverage Over Record Labels
Tech Crunch: Josh Constine
Spotify has been pushing five different paths to putting pressure on the labels to cut it a better royalties deal. They all hinge around the idea of making the labels need Spotify as much as it’s historically needed them.

Ford Removes CD Players from Upcoming 2018 Vehicles

Digital Music News: Daniel Adrian Sanchez
With Ford, Toyota, and Honda now building vehicles without the tradition CD player, will other automakers follow suit? Do automakers now consider the physical format dead?

Robots and Artificial Intelligence - Coming After YOUR Job Soon?

Barry’s Blog
There is underway an inexorable march in the confluence of Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Software and Robotics and the future of that progress will impact everything from jobs and the economy to the very survival of the species. So how will that impact the arts, and in particular, arts administrators?  While we would like to think that as we deal with creativity, much of what we do simply cannot be replaced by machines, there is even speculation that the machines will ultimately, on a human scale, create art - from plays to paintings to dance and beyond.

Breaking Barriers
Arts Professional (UK): Daniel Fountain
Live screenings and event cinema are diversifying audiences by making art accessible and available to everyone.


Inside South Africa's Most Prestigious Ballet
A photo essay that takes you inside a ballet company coming to terms with new realities in Johannesburg.

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