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Still Seething with Energy

NY Times: Corrinna da Fonseca-Wollheim
When the composers’ collective Bang on a Can alighted on the scene 30 years ago, one of its defining qualities was volume. Amplified to exuberant rock-music levels, works by its founding members, David Lang, Julia Wolfe and Michael Gordon, typically featured a novel mix of electric guitars and traditional orchestral instruments. Read about how things have (and have not) changed for one of the country’s leading new music projects.


A Conversation with 3 Choreographers who Reinvigorated Ballet
NY Times: Roslyn Sulcas
The Big Three are Justin Peck, Alexei Ratmansky, and Christopher Wheeldon. The work of these choreographers is found in the repertoires of companies worldwide, but they all hit the big time at New York City Ballet.

The Greatest Music Teacher Who Ever Lived

BBC: Clemency Burton-Hill
Nadia Boulanger taught many of the 20th Century’s greatest musicians. She may have been the greatest music teacher ever.

Neural Nostalgia Mark Stern
Why Are We So Nostalgic for Music We Loved as Teenagers?

Arts Outreach Projects Should Focus on ‘Fun’, UK Report Says

Arts Professional: Liz Hill
Work with local communities is challenging and most likely to succeed in collaboration with organisations that already target those communities, according to a new report. 

Those Timeless Tunes of the 1940s, ’60s, and ’80s

Pacific Standard: Tom Jacobs
New research suggests the top pop hits of those even-numbered decades haven’t lost their appeal.


Pennsylvania Ballet Leaders, Husband and Wife, are Stepping Down Peter Dobrin
Executive director David Gray and ballet mistress Kyra Nichols are ending their brief run there.

School Explores Benefits of Teaching With Music

Indiana Public Media: Claire McInerny
Tindley Genesis Academy opened two years ago, with the intention of having a music centered curriculum. Teachers are required to use music throughout their lessons. Rhythm, song and music are present in every subject, every day.

Three More NY City Ballet Stars Head to Broadway

Dance Magazine: Courtney Escoyne
The connections between New York City Ballet and Broadway go way back—choreography by Jerome Robbins and George Balanchine frequently found its way onto Broadway stages, from West Side Story to the Slaughter on Tenth Avenue number in On Your Toes.

Scott Joplin: American Giant

San Francisco Classical Voice: Jeff Kaliss
“It is never right to play ragtime fast.” This admonition from the composer appeared on more than one of Scott Joplin’s rags, written between the time of his residence in Sedalia, Missouri, in 1895, and his untimely death at age 49 in New York City, on April 1, 1917.


She Was the Orchestra’s Only Black Musician, Until She Formed Her Own
NY Times: Ginanne Brownell Mitic
From the first concert on, the Chineke! Foundation – which includes both Europe’s first professional orchestra made up entirely of minority musicians from across Britain and Europe, and also a junior orchestra – has had a strong impact not only on the musicians involved, but also on the audiences.

UK Music Industry Braced for Brexit

BBC News: Robert Plummer
The UK music industry, like its counterparts in other countries, has had a tough time adapting to the technological shake-ups of recent years. But now it also has to plan for the changes that will be ushered in by the UK's decision to leave the European Union.

The Unsustainable Global Success of the Canadian Music World

The Globe and Mail: Mark Campbell
How did we get to a moment in which our award-winning musical artists must seize the stage to “politely” demand this country’s support for Canadian artists?

The 93-Year-Old Jazz-Singing Nun Of Ethiopia And Her Extraordinary Life

The Guardian: Kate Molleson
She sang for Haile Selassie but later retreated from the world, living barefoot in a hilltop monastery, perfecting her bluesy, freewheeling sound. Kate Molleson on The Honky Tonk Nun, her documentary about Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou


Top 5 Reasons Why Having an EPK is Important
Symphonic Blog: Joe Pacheco
We are beyond the era of sending physical copies of music, photos, and mail to promoters but having a press kit is still vital in making musicians stand out. Now artists are able to accomplish more in the digital world with electric press kits.

Goodbye, Fan Insights. Hello, Spotify for Artists

Digital Music News: Daniel Adrian Sanchez
In 2015, Spotify launched a data dashboard dubbed Fan Insights, which would let fans see how well their music performed on the service. Now, over a year later, Spotify has finally upgraded their artist data dashboard.

Why You Don’t Need a Record Label to Be Successful

Music Think Tank: Joe Pacheco
With these few topics, artists are able to understand why you don’t need a record label to be successful in today’s music industry. 

Join the Sharing Economy
Arts Professional: Benita Matofska
Sharing skills and resources is not just about altruism, it can unlock new sources of revenue for arts organisations. Benita Matofska shares five tips for getting started. 

How Vinyl Records Work

Disc Makers Blog: Andre Calilhanna
Whatever your reasons for releasing an album or single on vinyl, there are realities to come to terms with, particularly the fact that the “art and science” of mastering and manufacturing has a lot more to do with art when it comes to vinyl records.


How Do You Bond With Mozart? Adopt A Starling
NPR Deceptive Cadence: Tom Huizenga

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