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WEEKLY DIGEST | 12/11/2017
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The Best Music Videos of 2017
Pitchfork Magazine
Video has become one of the most powerful ways in which musicians express their art - a medium that is glued to just about everything we create.

From Björk’s crystal wonderland to Fever Ray’s S&M tea party to Migos’ snowy epic, here's a curated collection of 20 eye-popping visuals from the pop world.

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Enacting Change in the Performing Arts World Begins with Changing the Conservatory Culture
Artsblog: Fred Bronstein
Twenty-five years ago American orchestras began a conversation about what would happen to excellence in performance if orchestras broadened their missions to focus on education and community engagement. The fear, unfounded, was that excellence would be compromised. The opposite was true. One sees an identical conversation today in our professional schools—a fear that if we ask students to stretch beyond the traditional focus of mastering performance skills, then excellence will be jeopardized.

How Classical Music Confronts Current History and Speaks Loudly

The Inquirer: David Patrick Stearns
Classical music, by some definitions, is an unchanging cultural monument from a better past. In truth, its survival is based on its ability to morph by the moment. The notes on the page stay the same, but how they’re translated into sound — and how they’re heard — changes right along with the history surrounding it.

Yes, Classical Music has a Harassment Problem – and Now's the Time for Change

The Guardian: Jennifer Johnston
A recent study commissioned by the Incorporated Society of Musicians reported a “high level” of discrimination and sexual harassment in the classical music sector.

Should I Put Away My James Levine Recordings?

The New York Times: Anthony Tommasini
On Sunday, Mr. Levine was suspended by the Met after several men accused him of sexually abusing them decades ago, when they were still teenagers. Now, I’m not sure I want to keep those box sets so visible in my home.

The Met May Not Survive the James Levine Disgrace

Vulture: Justin Davidson
Levine has spent virtually his whole adult life as a celebrity in the insular world of opera and classical music, and during most of that time, he has been protected by an elaborate apparatus centered at the Metropolitan Opera.

How Can we Best Measure Social Value?

Arts Professional: Matthew Brown
As the arts work their magic in so many mysterious ways, how can their impact be fully understood and measured? Matthew Brown wrestles with the concept of social value.


Oakland Winter Live Celebrates the Wild Possibilities of Artistic Collaboration
San Francisco Classical Voice: Lou Fancher
Artist Kim Anno curates an interdisciplinary show exploring issues of race and culture in 2017.

Cleveland Orchestra Reports $4.2 Million Deficit, Record Endowment in Annual Report

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Zachary Lewis
Even as it posted a significant deficit and dips in certain types of fundraising, the organization Tuesday evening also reported continued strong attendance, vigorous philanthropy and its largest endowment to date.

Leonard Slatkin and Composer Cindy McTee Support Emerging Artists Fund at Detroit

DSO press release
The Detroit Symphony Orchestra announced that its Music Director Leonard Slatkin and his wife, composer Cindy McTee, have committee $100,000 in support of showcasing of an emerging artist each season.

Holden Madagame: The Trans Opera Singer who Went from Mezzo Soprano to Tenor

The Independent: Holden Madagame
The performer, who was accepted by the Glyndebourne Academy to work on his vocal technique after taking testosterone, talks about finally being accepted by the opera world.


Survey: Four in 10 Brits Would Never Go to Opera
The Stage (UK): Roda Musa
Expensive ticket prices, long running times and complicated plots have been cited as reasons why people are deterred from going to the opera, a survey has found. The survey, commissioned by Classic FM, found that four in 10 people would never go to the opera due to it being too hard to understand.


Netflix for Jazz? Quincy Jones’s Qwest TV Takes Concerts and Films Digital
NY Times: Giovanni Russonello
Quincy Jones, the jazz musician and impresario, is helping to start Qwest TV, an online library of concert videos and feature documentaries, most of them unavailable on YouTube or any other streaming site.

The Compleat Composer 2017: Musician, Sound Designer, Producer

San Francisco Classical Voice: Jim Farber
If you're interested in composing for movies, TV, video games, or anywhere else, it's no longer enough to fill up a page with notes.

Apple ‘on Schedule’ to Terminate Music Downloads by 2019

Digital Music News: Paul Resnikoff
Apple is scheduling a complete phase-out of music downloads from the iTunes Store by early 2019, per sources at the company.

Ethereum-Based Streaming Service will Pay Artists 80% of Revenues

Digital Music News: Daniel Sanchez
With his new start-up called Choon, Gareth Emery has promised artists 80% in streaming revenue payouts.  The payments will be in Ethereum, administered over blockchain.

YouTube to Launch New Spotify Rival, Codenamed ‘Remix’, in 2018

Music Business Worldwide
2018 is going to start with a bang: YouTube looks set to launch a new music streaming service in March next year.

No One Makes a Living on Patreon

The Outline: Brent Knepper
Who is really benefitting from the crowdfunding site for artists? Patreon is basically a payments processor designed like a social network. But despite the revolutionary rhetoric, the success stories, and the goodwill that Patreon has generated, the numbers tell a different story.


Only a Music Industry Pro Can Get 9/10 on This Quiz
Digital Music News: Paul Resnikoff
Are you a music industry boss?  Answer these 10 questions and find out.

For Viewing Over Break!  Tales from a Cracked Jukebox (documentary on Tom Waits)


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