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WEEKLY DIGEST | 01/16/2018
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While the Jacobs School faculty and students honored the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. in a Sunday afternoon of performances, reflections and readings, organizations around the country were preparing their celebrations. Here’s a short sampling:


Roll over Beethoven: The Bachtrack Classical Music Statistics are Out
Bachtrack: Alison Karlin
Sorry, Beethoven, but the top spot for the composer with the most performances in 2017 has returned to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, while Hallelujah choruses will be sung around the world to celebrate that Handel's Messiah reclaimed its position as the top performed work.

Heavenly Hymn: The 8 Best Classical Music Moments of the Week on YouTube
NY Times
The media giant’s critics and reporters offer a glimpse of what’s moved and delighted them on YouTube. The list includes Jacobs alumna Ailyn Perez’s aria “Dove sono,” from Mozarts Le Nozze di Figaro.

Musical Ability Is Attractive in a Potential Mate
Pacific Standard: Tom Jacobs
New research suggests the ability to play an instrument well is surprisingly sexy.

What Spotify Going Public Could Mean for Music Fans
Pitchfork: Marc Hogan
What happens to Spotify matters for the future of music, particularly at this turning point in the format wars. Streaming now makes up more than half of the industry’s revenues, and Spotify has more paying subscribers than any other streaming service. The 10-year-old Swedish company sets the pace.

Where are the Next Stormzys and Adeles?
Arts Professional: Pamela McCormick
Urban music is an economic success story, but music education is not serving the young creators of this work, many of whom come from diverse and working-class backgrounds.

Lana Del Rey, Radiohead, and the Difficulty of Making Original Music

The New Yorker: Amanda Petrusich
It may be impossible for a musical composition to be entirely free of outside influence. But when does influence become egregious repurposing?

Singing Helps Mothers Recover from Postnatal Depression

Arts Professional
Group singing is more effective than creative play at tackling depressive symptoms, according to a study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry.


Two New Members Among Big Changes for Fine Arts Quartet in 72nd Season
The Strad
Milwaukee based chamber group is changing both viola and cello, while also ending its University of Wisconsin residency after 55 seasons

Torch Bearer Florence Sitruk

Harp Column: Alison Reese
The German harpist is carrying on the legacy of her mentor, Susann McDonald, at Indiana University. (requires login.  Here’s a link to a PDF version.)

How the San Antonio Symphony Found its Dancing Bears

San Antonio Express-News: Gilbert Garcia
Even negotiations with the musicians went well – with a new board chair. And the musicians got something they’ve been asking for for (get this) a decade — “that they be allowed to live-stream their performances and post archival recordings on social media to spread the symphony’s message to new listeners, in and outside of S.A.”

The Pop Innovations of a 50-Year-Old Simon and Garfunkel Soundtrack

The Atlantic: Kristin Marguerite Diodge
Simon and Garfunkel’s lyrics represented more than just commentary on the on-screen action—they had begun serving as a soundtrack for the lives of the youth of the late 1960s as they confronted enormous changes.

The Sex Charges against Frequent Philadelphia Orchestra conductor Charles Dutoit - and What They Mean for Classical Music

The Inquirer: Peter Dobrin
Charles Dutoit, once made an honorary citizen of Philadelphia, seems at risk of becoming an artistic non-person.


Irish National Opera launches with a Big Bang!
The Irish Times: Deirdre Falvey
New Irish opera company, Irish National Opera have launched an ambitious inaugural programme of 38 nights of opera across seven productions that will be performed all over the country.

Britons Fail to Make Menuhin Violin Finals

The Guardian: Dalya Alberge
A lack of funding is blamed, as UK musicians fail to make the shortlist.


This Independent Pianist saw 11 Million Pandora Spins in the Week Leading up to Christmas
DIY Musician: Chris Robley
Michele McLaughlin is a pianist and composer who records her own music, distributes those releases through CD Baby, owns both the master and publishing rights, and earns the bulk of her living from Pandora plays.

Facebook, Google, Netflix & Amazon are Taking Legal Action to Protect Net Neutrality

Digital Music News: Paul Resnikoff
“In 2018, the Internet is united in defense of #NetNeutrality. As for the FCC, we will see you in court.” — Netflix, in a message posted on Twitter, Friday, Jan. 5th.


YouTube Video Containing Static Receives 5 Different Copyright Violations
Digital Music News: Paul Resnikoff
It’s a 10-hour video of white noise static uploaded onto YouTube.  Now, the guy who uploaded has been slapped with 5 different copyright claims.


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