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WEEKLY DIGEST | 08/29/2017
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Houston Grand Opera’s Facilities Significantly Damaged by Hurricane Harvey
Opera News

Houston Symphony Weathers the Deluge
SF Classical Voice: Mark MacNamara

Houston's Jazz Envoys Describe A Vibrant Scene Deluged, And Worry For Its Future

Jazz Night in America: Nate Chinen

Houston Ballet Cancels its Season-Opening Program

Houston Chronicle: Molly Glentzer

More updates: Houston Symphony | Houston Grand Opera | Houston Ballet


Where is The HIRE AN ARTIST Campaign?
Barry’s Blog
In the same painstaking way the sector succeeded in getting the media, public and elected officials need to begin to understand the economic value of the arts, in the same way we have somewhat succeeded in establishing arts education as essential, we ought to be able to change the perspective of corporate America to embrace the idea that the arts are good for business and that they should HIRE AN ARTIST.

Why Aren’t More Women Working in Audio?
The Atlantic: Joy Lanzendorfer
Like with many STEM-oriented fields, music production and sound engineering are dominated by men—though that’s very slowly changing.

This Music Teacher Played His Saxophone While in Brain Surgery
NPR: Andrea Hsu
Ahead of surgery, it was important to understand exactly what parts of his brain were responsible for the patients musical abilities. A team of doctors then spent six months studying the functional and structural organization of the patient’s brain.


The First Pure Piece of Trump-Era Pop Art: Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do’
Vulture: Mark Harris
When we talk about pop culture in the age of Trump, we tend to mean art of the self-styled resistance. But what about the stuff that history will record as epitomizing our time rather than raising a fist against it?

Taylor Swift Breaks Spotify and YouTube Records
CBS-News (Reuters)
The 27-year-old singer dropped the much-anticipated song late Thursday to streaming platforms and iTunes.

At The Ballet: How Mikko Nissinen Keeps Boston Ballet on Its Toes
HuffPost: Michael Levin
Mikko Nissinen is about to begin his 17th season as Artistic Director of Boston Ballet. Under his tenure, the company has skyrocketed to the top level of ballet companies around the world. Ballet fans want to know how he did it—and what he does to keep Boston Ballet always striving for more.

What Just Happened at the Oregon Bach Festival? Bob Hicks
The Oregon Bach Festival dropped a bombshell on Sunday, announcing a complete shakeup that includes the firing of Matthew Halls, its young and extremely talented artistic director.

Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra Receives Historic Gift of $1.5 Million

LA Times: Deborah Vankin
The orchestra has received the largest gift in its 50-year history — $1.5 million from philanthropists Carol and Warner Henry — Executive Director Scott Harrison announced Thursday. Who benefits?  The principal oboe!


10 Days at the Salzburg Festival, Music’s Disneyland
NY Times: Zachary Woolfe
Salzburg is still driven by stars. Kissin, Pollini, Argerich, Mutter, Rattle and others. A new artistic director — Markus Hinterhäuser — has over the festival something of the sway that a new Disney chief executive has over its theme parks.

A Mumbai-born Soprano Sparks a Revival in Opera from Exactly Where it all Began in India
Quartz: Maria Thomas
Until last month, Mumbai’s Royal Opera House, the only surviving opera house in the country, hadn’t seen a performance in eight decades. The signs are that Indians are increasingly ready to embrace opera.

Syrian Dancer Flying, Looking for Freedom
NY Times: Nina Siegal
Ahmad Joudeh has a tattoo on the back of his neck, the spot where ISIS terrorists have chopped the heads off their victims: “Dance or Die,” it reads. “This is my message,” he says. “Many people are dead… I will dance” for their souls.


The Musical Minds Behind 'Serial,' 'S-Town' and 'Radiolab' Push a New Art Form: The Podcast Score
LA Times: Tim Greiving
As podcasts grow in popularity and ambition, they’re proving an exciting laboratory for original music.

Deaf Music Fans Are Finally Starting To Be Heard
BuzzFeed: Kim Bellware
Deaf music fans want more than viral fame. They want the access — and independence — of the hearing-centric music world.


Where’s the Best Seat in the Concert Hall?
WQXR: James Bennett II
Those expensive seats up front aren't always your best bet, and that the best seat in a concert hall actually depends on the style of the hall itself.


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