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WEEKLY DIGEST | 03/26/2018
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Brian Eno Wants to Take You ‘Inside the Music’
NY Times: Nina Siegal
Eno and Peter Chilvers have created an “immersive” realm, using tools such as virtual reality headsets, holographic mixed-reality goggles and immersive surround-sound systems.

Watch the Video about the project >


Classical Music Must Ditch its Name and Refer Instead to 'Orchestral Music'
The Telegraph: Camilla Turner
There is a certain “stigma” attached to classical music which is off-putting for youngsters who see it as old fashioned, according to James Williams, director of the Royal Philharmonic.

Opera Isn’t Elitist. If I Can Learn to Love it, so can Anybody

The Guardian: Chris Addison
The best thing I’ve ever seen, in all my long and misspent years hanging around comedy gigs, wasn’t standup. It was opera.

The Maestro Will See You Now: The Conductor’s Horrific Honorific
Van-US: Zack Ferriday
Amid the manifold campaigns to make classical music more accessible, less patriarchal, to take itself less absolutely seriously and to crack a smile—if not a joke—the outdated term is getting slightly grating to read.

Philadelphia Orchestra Recording of Bernstein's Mass is a Groovy - and Powerful - '70s Artifact

The Inquirer: Peter Dobrin
Whether the Mass can be heard as pure music — listening as you might do with, say, a Haydn symphony — is something listeners get to decide for themselves with the just-released Deutsche Grammophon recording by the Philadelphia Orchestra and a battery of forces led by Yannick Nézet-Séguin.

YouTube’s Favorite Music Critic Is 11 Years Old

Daily Beast: Taylor Lorenz
If you’re not one of the more than 33,000 people who subscribe to his channel on YouTube, you’ve still probably seen Ruairi’s face somewhere on the internet over the last few weeks. The middle-schooler’s expressions have been immortalized in reaction gifs, clips from his videos have gone viral several times over, and last week rap icon Lil Yachty retweeted a video of Ruairi which garnered nearly 7 million views.


Federal Arts Programs Receive Funding Increases in 2018 Federal Budget
The Guardian: Dan Collyns
When Vania Masías saw acrobats at traffic lights in the Peruvian capital she saw raw talent and a chance to transform their circumstances.

The Bloomington Early Music Festival Announces Major Collaboration with Early Music America
Bloomington Early Music
The Bloomington Early Music Festival (BLEMF) and the Historical Performance Institute (HPI) at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music are pleased to announce a major partnership with Early Music America (EMA) this year that includes an innovative series of performances by emerging artists and college ensembles from across the United States and Canada.

IU Jacobs School Jazz Studies Department Receives Frank Mantooth Collection, Performs Tribute
IU Jacobs School of Music

The Jazz Studies Department at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music recently received the gift of the Frank Mantooth Jazz Library. Mantooth (1947-2004), a pianist, arranger, composer, author and educator who received 12 Grammy Award nominations, worked closely with Jacobs jazz and percussion professor Steve Houghton during his renowned career.

After Trump, an Oratorio About ‘Dreamers’ Changes Key
NY Times: Michael Cooper
A few months ago, the composer Jimmy López came to the University of California, Berkeley, to hear firsthand the experiences of young undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children. He was hoping to talk to students as he prepared to create “Dreamer,” an oratorio designed to reflect the inspiration that fuels the experience of immigrants, and the challenges they face.

Daniel Hope Named Music Director at New Century Chamber Orchestra
The Mercury News: Georgia Rowe
The appointment, which officially begins at the start of the 2018-19 season, will run five years, through 2022-23. With the appointment, Hope, a virtuoso soloist who also directs other ensembles as concertmaster, becomes New Century’s fourth music director, following Stuart Canin (1992-99), Krista Bennion Feeney (1999-2006) and Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg (2008-17.)

Scene-Stealing Tenor: The Week’s Best Classical Music Moments on YouTube
The New York Times
The tenor Vittorio Grigolo, who sings with animalistic intensity, is the high point of "Lucia di Lammermoor" at the Metropolitan Opera.


Zimbabwe’s Powerful Music of Struggle
The New Yorker: Anakwa Swamena
Thomas Mapfumo, a leading chimurenga singer whose music championed Zimbabwe’s war for independence, returns to his country after a decade of self-imposed exile.

The Ballerina who Rescued 100,000 Children with Hip-Hop
The Guardian: Dan Collyns
When Vania Masías saw acrobats at traffic lights in the Peruvian capital she saw raw talent and a chance to transform their circumstances.

Arts Council of Wales to Deepen links Between NHS and Arts
Arts Professional: Frances Richens
The national funder will look into appointing arts and health coordinators to each of Wales’ health boards to help broker links.

London Boroughs Funded to Develop Creative Enterprise Zones
Arts Professional: Frances Richens
£500k is being shared by eleven shortlisted boroughs to develop plans to support artists and creative businesses in their areas.


Are Artists Finally Profiting From the Streaming Era?
The Ringer: Victor Luckerson
Lil Pump is among a handful of young rappers earning big paydays as the record industry’s revenue surges. But there are still lots of musicians waiting to get paid.

Laurie Anderson is the Original Radical American Artist
i-D: Charlotte Gush
In her new book, All The Things I Lost In The Flood, Laurie takes stock of her art practice over the past 50 years.

On the Record: Music Before Mass Production
History Today: Eva Moreda Rodriquez
Despite advances in technology, the fledgling music industry had a problem: it could not mass-produce records. For a brief period, every recording committed to wax was unique, forcing labels to find creative ways of meeting demand.

How to Delete Facebook and Keep Using Spotify (in 3 easy steps)
Digital Music News: Paul Resnikoff
Sadly, deleting Facebook is a lot more complicated than it looks.  But depending on how you signed up for Spotify, there’s an easy way to disconnect.


Augmented Reality: David Bowie in Three Dimensons
NY Times: Culture, Design, and Graphics teams
(requires viewing on iPhones, IPads, and Andriod phones using the NYTimes app.


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