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WEEKLY DIGEST | 09/18/2017
News, Research, & Opinion

What Does Jazz at Lincoln Center Mean, 30 Years Later?
NY Times: Giovanni Russonello
At a time when canon-busting is nearly the national consensus, Jazz at Lincoln center’s founding artistic director, Wynton Marsalis, maintains that jazz is a classical music with a fixed roster of heroes, and a nonnegotiable rhythmic foundation. The decision to stay the traditionalist course has left a wide opening for other New York presenters.

Writing Music Using Only Your Mind
Pacific Standard: Tom Jacobs
Austrian researchers have demonstrated that, with the proper equipment, composers can now transmit their musical musings directly from the brain to the page.

The Two Voices of Whitney Houston
New Yorker: Doreen St. Félix
In Houston’s career twilight, when dew had turned to sweat, it was to her “black” voice and her black life that her instability was attributed.

Why Radio Can't Accommodate Today's Hit Music
BridgeRatings: Dave Van Dyke
Radio is not reflecting the streaming consumption patterns of its listeners. When labels and/or artists drop multiple tracks within a short period of time, radio struggles to properly expose that music to keep up with the audience consumption of those songs.

Somebody Asked 13-17 Year Olds How They Listen to Music. Half the Answers Didn’t Exist When They Were Born.
Digital Music News: Paul Resnikoff
The question was simple: ‘How do you listen to your music?’  The answers were anything but.


Bramwell Tovey Takes New Post at Boston University
Straight: Janet Smith
At the beginning of the Vancouver Symphony’s 100th season in 2018, Tovey will assume the title of VSO music director emeritus, presumably with more time to head to the East Coast. Tovey will be the longest serving conductor in the history of the organization (18 years).

Orientalism in American Classical Music
NewMusicBox: Shi-An Costello

The perpetuation of Orientalism is alive and well in U.S. classical music circles, and it needs to stop. The more conscious we are of our words and actions, the more likely we are to replace them with more humanizing gestures, in hopes of a kinder, more tolerant world.

How Rappers Are Embracing Internet Subcultures to Attract Huge Crossover Followings
Pigeons and Planes: Eric Skelton
By now, most artists understand the importance of being active on social media, but it goes beyond having a strong Twitter and Instagram presence to really stand out and reach new fans.

Young Musicians Take Up the Early Music Challenge
San Francisco Classical Voice: Mark Macnamara
American Bach Soloists is training dozens of young artists in the discipline of early music performance just as the early music movement itself opens up.


Simon Rattle Plans to Shake up London
The Sunday Times: Richard Morrison
The conductor talks about the festival marking his homecoming, his plans for the London Symphony Orchestra and his hopes for a new music venue in the capital.

Gramophone Classical Music Awards 2017: The Full Report
Gramophone Magazine
Isabelle Faust’s Harmonia Mundi recording of the Mozart violin concertos with Il Giardino Armonico directed by Giovanni Antonini was named Gramophone’s Recording of the Year.

A Poignant Farewell from Johnny Clegg as he Prepares his 'Final Journey'
Boston Globe: Siddhartha Mitter
The South African icon, who is being treated for pancreatic cancer, is holding his last concerts ever, including a show at Berklee.

Whose Record is it Anyway? Musical 'Crate Digging' Across Africa
The Conversation: Abigail Gardner
The search for old or new African sounds is based around a nostalgia culture that is endemic to Anglo-American popular music.


What Music Startup Founders Often Get Wrong
MusicTechFuture: Bas Grasmayer
Doing a consumer facing music startup is hard. Especially if you don't understand what gives music value. The number 1 thing music startup founders get wrong is overvaluing their content.

Can City Hall Make a Music Scene?
CityLab: Lee Gardner
Behind all those happening new bands and festivals, there might be some hard science. If a city wants to cultivate its musical biome to boost quality of life, education, tourism, and the local music biz itself, then it has to get serious about it.

After Two Years, Spotify has Struggled to Break Through with Video
DigiDay: Sahil Patel
With a new head of video, Spotify is trying to determine what its video business will look like. One thing's for sure: music will be the focus.

A Robot Conducts an Entire Orchestra in Front of 800 People

Digital Music News: Daniel Sanchez
YuMi the Robot has conducted a human orchestra.  Should Dudamel be worried?


Classical Music Can Heighten Men's Attractiveness
Pacific Standard: Tom Jacobs
Want to get a woman's attention? Try a little Brahms in the background.


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