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WEEKLY DIGEST | 10/09/2017
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Beyond Beauty, Brilliance, and Expression: On Reimagining Jazz and Classical Music Performance Training & Reconnecting with the General Public
College Music Symposium: Michael Stepnaik
Never in human history have people had easier access to music. As studies such as the 2016 Music Consumer Insider Report and Nielsen Music 360 Study of 2015 have revealed, a large portion (over 90%) of the U.S. population listens to music beyond 20 hours each week, and young people are especially engaged with music. Where does this leave classical and jazz?


What’s Going on With Healthcare, and What Does it Mean for Musicians?
The Future of Music Coalition: Kevin Erickson
Here’s a quick update on one of the most important issues facing musicians, some questions answered, and some thoughts about what may lie ahead.

The State of Arts Advocacy Across the United States
Barry’s Blog
Barry’s Blog review the Westaf report, released, last week, on its Symposium.  It is one of the best Symposium reports I have seen, and, though long, I urge everyone to download it, read it and share it widely. This post summarizes its findings about state arts advocacy organizations.

Should Women Make Their Own Pop Music Canon?
NY Times: The Culture Issue – Wesley Morris
Before the canons are handed down, someone has to make them. The atmospherics around that consecration tend to default to masculinity because the mechanisms that do the consecrating are overwhelmingly male.

Free Falling With Tom Petty
The New Yorker: Amanda Petrusich
Petty, who died Monday, was tuned in to the blank spaces between our catastrophes and triumphs, when we are desperately trying to sort out what comes next. When we take to running.

Las Vegas Massacre: Are Music Festivals Forever Changed?
The Hollywood Reporter: Jason Latham
But where does the vulnerability of large events leave the concert industry, a $9.6 billion business in the U.S. in 2016 that is projected to grow to $9.9 billion in 2017?


Lincoln Center Scraps a $500 Million Geffen Hall Renovation
NY Times: Michael Cooper
One of the biggest cultural building projects in the country was sent back to the drawing board on Tuesday, when the new leaders of Lincoln Center and the New York Philharmonic announced that they were scuttling a half-billion-dollar plan for a gut renovation of David Geffen Hall and seeking simpler ways to improve the lackluster theater.

Philly's $4 Billion Engine: The Arts

NewsWorks: Peter Crimmins
The Philadelphia reports shows a nearly 25 percent percent increase in economic impact over 2011, measured in direct spending by audiences and art organizations and estimated indirect spending. It also shows a 32 percent increase in city tax revenue, attributable to the arts sector.

Seattle Symphony Picks Thomas Dausgaard to Succeed Ludovic Morlot as Music Director

The Seattle Times: Melinda Bargreen
The Seattle Symphony’s popular principal guest conductor Thomas Dausgaard will soon be a guest no longer: In 2019, he’ll ascend to the podium as the orchestra’s music director, one of the most important artistic posts in the Pacific Northwest.

Music and Dance at Mill Valley Film Festival No. 40

San Francisco Classical Voice: Janos Gereben
The thriving festival celebrates music with films from around the globe and a companion series of live concerts at the Sweetwater.

New Philly Jazz Fest Puts Edgy Music in Venues Where the Listening Isn’t Meant to Be Easy

The Inquirer: David Patrick Stearns
The music promises to be radical, but the setting also has artistic and philosophical significance: Cutting-edge jazz in the more formal, sit-down concert setting of the FringeArts headquarters, as well as in nearby venues such as Christ Church.

At the Center for New Music, Optimism About the Hustle

San Francisco Classical Voice: Mark MacNamara
Hunger for collaboration fuels C4NM, making it a hub for artists and fascinating new music projects in the Bay Area

Kamasi Washington on the Music that Made Him a Jazz Colossus

Pitchfork: Jeff Weiss
The 36-year-old saxophonist talks about the albums that have meant the most to him, five years at a time.


Will this Policy Trend Spell the End of Arts Funding in the UK?
Arts Professional: Steven Hadley
Steven Hadley shares his concerns about the shift towards hyperinstrumentalisation in arts policy, which is giving precedence to wellbeing, educational and economic outcomes over cultural value.

How Spotify Killed the Long Intro to Music
The Guardian: Gavin Haynes
With the rise of streaming, artists are frontloading their songs to get listeners past 30 seconds – the point where they get paid. So how would some classic intros sound today?


7 Startling Facts About the Music Industry in 2017
Digital Music News: Daniel Sanchez
Here are some of them: Did you know that 96% of all internet users consume licensed music?  And 46% of all music streaming happens through YouTube? Almost all internet users worldwide consume licensed music. Radio is far from dead. Almost every paid audio streamer uses their smartphone to listen to music.

Microsoft Officially Abandons Streaming Music

Digital Music News: Paul Resnikoff
They could have bought Spotify for $16 billion.  Instead, they decided to exit the streaming music contest entirely. Here’s an official blog post from Microsoft that terminates the service.  It confirms both the closure of its Groove streaming music service, and its intention to transfer its entire streaming business to Spotify.


Abd Al Malik as Othello
Paris Opera Ballet Third Stage
Watch this amazing video that brings French rapper Abd al Malik, opera, and ballet together.


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