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WEEKLY DIGEST | 09/17/2018
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Where Are All the American Orchestra Conductors?
NY Times: George Gelles
Music directors from abroad have had an avenue for advancement unavailable to most homegrown aspirants. One result: a tradition of foreign-born maestros leading U.S. orchestras.


Rethink Virtuosity
USC Thornton School of Music
We’ve created a new model of classical music education for undergraduates by rethinking what it means to be a virtuoso in the 21st century.

Charting for Change: Tying Songs to Social Causes Is a Win-Win for Artists
Billboard: Colin Stutz
Songs have become increasingly potent vehicles for change in the streaming era, as artists' ability to instantly tap into a fan base on social media has grown, says Marie Groark, executive director of Viacom nonprofit Get Schooled. "That's something that's new and makes their role in the work that much more powerful," she points out.

Sorry, Sony Music, You Don’t Own the Rights to Bach’s Music on Facebook
ArsTechnica: Timothy B Lee
Public shaming forces publisher to abandon ridiculous claim to classical music.

How the Performance of a French Opera About a Neapolitan Revolt Sparked a Belgian Revolution
MF: Lucas Reilly
When the fifth act arrived, audience members began to loudly boo in an attempt to stop the show and incite a riot. "The delirious crowd [hurled itself] out of the hall—and into history," … “Welcomed by the other crowd which waited outside, it joined in the demonstrations which loosed the revolution of 1830."

Dissing the [Composition] Competition
New Music BOX: Alex Shapiro
Rather than pay fees to competitions that one is statistically unlikely to win, a composer’s efforts and money will be far better devoted to attend conferences and new music concerts, at which they will be surrounded by professionals eager to learn about new compositions.

Giant Steps: Getting Hip to Jazz
The Smart Set: Matt Hanson
Over the years, jazz has inspired countless poets and writers, musicians of all kinds, rappers and DJs, filmmakers, painters, and even a president or two. Once you let it infuse your life, jazz is far from snooty; it’s sublime. If you haven’t gotten hip to it yet, why miss out? There are decades of amazing music just waiting to be (re)discovered.


How Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Is Targeting Artists
OBSERVER: Daniel Grant
[There are] efforts by the Federal Government to limit the number of literary, performing and visual artists receiving work permits or visas for the United States

Why the Midterms -- and a Looming Supreme Court Confirmation -- Will Shake Up the Music Industry
Billboard: Steve Knapper
For labels and artists alike, the most imminent political concern is the Music Modernization Act. And thanks to a recently reached handshake deal the legislation is seemingly on a path to pass in the Senate, most likely by the end of this term.

For the First Time, Thelonious Monk’s Songbook Swings Solo
The New York Times: Giovanni Russonello
“I think if Monk was alive, he’d be really, really annoyed with me,” the pianist Jed Distler said recently. “He knew exactly how he wanted his music to sound”.

Richard Lin of the U.S. Wins Gold Medal in Indianapolis Competition Laurie Niles
Congratulations to all the laureates, who were named Saturday night following the last concert in the Finals. They are: Gold Medal ($30,000): Richard Lin, 27, of the U.S./Taiwan| Silver Medal ($15,000): Risa Hokamura, 17, of Japan | Bronze Medal ($10,000): Luke Hsu, 28, of the U.S. | Fourth Place ($7,000): Anna Lee, 23, of the U.S. | Fifth Place ($6,000): Ioana Cristina Goicea, 25, of Romania | Sixth Place ($5,000): Shannon Lee, 26, of the U.S./Canada.

A First for New York: New Conductors at the Met Opera and Philharmonic
The New York Times: Anthony Tommasini
New music directors are arriving this season at both the New York Philharmonic and the Metropolitan Opera, a coincidence with the potential to transform the city’s music scene.

Double bassist to receive $50,000 award from Sphinx Organization
The Strad
Orchestral musician Joseph Conyers has championed music education in the US

First Annual Jazz Industry Day Conference scheduled for September 13 in Philadelphia
All About Jazz
“We're building a foundation to facilitate collaborations with the goal of making a collective impact on the jazz economy.” —Michael Ricci, All About Jazz

Tito Capobianco, Assertive Opera Director, Is Dead at 87
The New York Times: Anthony Tommasini
Tito Capobianco in 1983. An opera director who knew exactly what he wanted, he mounted groundbreaking shows at the New York City Opera. Through the years, Capobianco was guest stage director for a number of IU Opera Theater productions.

Bramwell Tovey Named Conductor of Rhode Island Philharmonic
Providence Journal: Channing Gray
The Rhode Island Philharmonic has picked Grammy-winning conductor, composer and pianist Bramwell Tovey to lead the 74-year-old symphony orchestra.


LSO's Simon Rattle launches East London Music Academy
The Guardian: Simon Rattle
The future of classical music depends on making orchestras and choruses more diverse, Sir Simon Rattle has said as he announced a new academy involving 10 east London boroughs.

Gramophone Classical Music Awards 2018: The Full Report
All of the winners from this year's Gramophone Classical Music Awards

Barcelona Obertura: the Catalan city opens its doors to classical music
bachtrack: Frank Kuznik
Barcelona is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, for a lot of reasons. Almost no one comes to hear classical music. “Thatʼs what we want to change,” says Victor Medem.

Estonian cellist Marcel Johannes Kits wins George Enescu International Cello Competition
The Strad
The 23-year-old cellist wins €15,000 and an invitation to perform at the Enescu Festival

Paris Opera General Director to Exit in 2021
Musical America: Susan Elliott
Paris Opera General Director Stéphane Lissner, in office since August 2014, will leave at the expiration of his contract in August of 2021.


A Glimpse Of The Future? It’s Hard To Post Classical Music Online Without A Copyright Violation
music 3.0: Bobby Owsinski
It turns out it’s getting tougher to post the music of the classical greats by a performer today without receiving a notice of a copyright violation… most are fraudulent claims.

Download the All About Jazz Musician Starter Guide
All About Jazz
Home to over 100,000 musician pages and representing the largest database of its kind on the internet, All About Jazz is also a platform that supports jazz professionals worldwide.


Quiz: Which Musical Instrument Should You Learn?
BBC: Fraser McAlpine
Take the Quiz!

An Emotional Reunion Between Cello and Cellist
The New Yorker: Anna Russell
After fifteen months apart, Matt Haimovitz and his beloved Goffriller cello get reacquainted.

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