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WEEKLY DIGEST | 12/03/2018
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Sphinx Organization to Create Pipeline Of
Diverse Leaders In Classical Music

Detroit Business: Sherri Welch
Until now, there hasn't been an organized effort to create a pipeline of diverse leaders in classical music.The Sphinx Organization is launching a leadership development program with educational and mentorship components aimed at cultivating black and Latinx candidates for leadership positions in orchestras, conservatories and music schools across the country.


David Stull’s Culture of Achievement (at the SF Conservatory)
San Francisco Classical Voice: Mark MacNamara
What’s the thunder rolling through music academe? Stull’s notion is that any reasonable education should teach you to think critically and creatively; write and speak effectively; work alone or on a team; translate constructive criticism to advantage, and, no matter the obstacles, continue to succeed.

What can psychology tell us about music?
OUPblog: Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis
Recent research on music perception embraces a variety of disciplines and methodologies, from anthropology to musicology to neuroscience, to try to understand the relationship between music and the human mind.

Why Sad Music Makes Us Feel Good
Ludwig van Toronto: Rebecca Anne Clark
Anyone who has ever made a “relaxing” mixtape or playlist won’t be surprised to learn that the connection between music and stress relief has also been demonstrated by science.

Music With Messages
The New York Times: Maurice Isserman
Review: Pete Seeger, the Weavers, the Blacklist, and the Battle for the Soul of America.  Get a glimpse at how musicians have painted their political opinions and sprung their revolution.

If You Think You Know Who Philip Glass Is, You Probably Don’t.
The New York Times: Anne Midgette
Composer Philip Glass is one of the recipients of the 2018 Kennedy Center Honors. Take a moment and get to know him a little better.

It’s Time For Music And Music Technology To Be A Voice For Migrants

CDM: Peter Kirn
Why aren’t more people who make music, music instruments, and music tech louder about these issues?

What is “Comparable Work” in the Symphony World?
Insights: Tom Wolf
The concept of pay discrimination based on gender is often grounded in the principle of “equal pay for equal work.” Elizabeth Rowe, principal flutist of the Boston Symphony, is paid $70,000 less than the principal oboist, John Ferrillo.


The Music Industry Asks US Government to Make 'Unauthorized Streaming' a Felony
Motherboard: Karl Bode
The RIAA has also renewed calls for the government to consider 'website blocking' and filtering to stop music piracy.

They Were Homeless. Now They’re Center Stage at the Opera: Meet New York City’s ‘Breaking Ground’ Choir
The Daily Beast: Tim Teeman
On Site Opera’s production of Nativity opera ‘Amahl and the Night Visitors,’ to be performed in a New York soup kitchen, features a chorus made up of the formerly homeless.

‘Choral Marx’ Sets ‘The Communist Manifesto’ to Music

The Nation: JW McCormack
In 2014, Brooklyn-based cellist Ethan Philbrick began work on the project that would become Choral Marx, which sets The Communist Manifesto to music.

The Gentle Return of Mariah Cary

NYT Podcast: Hosted by John Caramanica; produced by Pedro Rosado
With her 15th album, “Caution,” the singer has entered a new phase of her long career.

‘La Traviata’ Opens A New Era At The Metropolitan Opera
The New York Times: Michael Cooper
There have been plenty of indications that the Metropolitan Opera is under new musical management. But the debate over the projectile champagne glass was as good a sign as any.


Two Cello Records Set at Sotheby’s Sale Of Rostropovich Collection
The Strad
Guadagnini and Serafin reach new highs in auction of items from the private collection of the Russian cellist and his wife Galina Vishnevskaya

Reggae Music To Be Protected By The UN
BBC: Mike Prior
Reggae has been added to a list of international cultural treasures which the United Nations has deemed worthy of protecting and promoting.


How Many Writers On A Song? Why Teamwork Makes The Dream Work.
Variety: Nick Jarjour
Making a hit song is hardly a solitary experience.

Wolfgang Zuckermann, Harpsichord Do-It-Yourselfer, Dies at 96

The New York Times: Richard Sandomir
As the 1950s were ending, Wolfgang Zuckermann, a piano technician and self-taught harpsichord builder, found himself so busy making service calls from his West Village workshop to adjust his customers’ harpsichords that he had little time for anything else.

'It Was Like Working In A Mill, But With Drugs': How Indie Labels Reinvented British Music
The Guardian: Daniel Dylan Wray
It’s 40 years since Rough Trade, Mute and Factory Records used an anti-industry attitude to give a voice to the likes of Joy Division and Depeche Mode. The labels’ founders recall why they had to rip things up and start again.


Guns N' Roses' Slash Joins Bid To Save Crystal Palace Dinosaurs
Video: Campaigners are trying to raise funds to build a bridge to an island that is home to a group of Victorian dinosaur sculptures.

How Do You Make A Vinyl Record?
BBC: Frederick Bemas
Video: Go behind the scenes at one of the world's largest vinyl record producers to see how a vinyl record is processed.

16 Video Game Soundtracks That Defined The Sound Of The Sony Playstation
Electronic Beats
Back in the '90s, Sony's PlayStation video game console helped to usher in a new era for sound in gaming.

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