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WEEKLY DIGEST | 01/14/2019
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Sony Unveils the 'Future of Music' With 360 Reality Audio at CES 2019
Billboard: Melinsa Scheckells
If Sony has it way, in the not too distant future we won't just listen to music -- we will experience it 360 degrees. Similar to that feeling of first walking into a massive concert with the pulse of bass under your feet and sound vibrating through your body, Sony's new immersive multi-channel 360 Reality Audio format is 3D for your ears.


How Britney Spears Changed Pop With ‘Baby One More Time’
Rolling Stone: Rob Sheffield
Happy 20th birthday to Britney Spears’ debut album …Baby One More Time, released on January 12th, 1999 — a truly avant-garde full-length that permanently changed how music sounded.

The Shape Of Jazz To Come
Pollstar: Phil Gallo
The first two weeks of January in New York form a most important stanza in jazz. That’s when the live industry gathers for the Association of Performing Arts and Professionals, which dovetails with the 10-day Winter Jazzfest, an event that serves as a platform for new and established acts across a broad spectrum of the genre, and the Jazz Congress provides two days of examining the music’s past and future through panel discussions and educational sessions for musicians.

Opera needs to change. Prototype festival shows one new path.
The Washington Post: Anne Midgette
The Prototype festival has persisted in showcasing a slew of unusual new offerings every year, bringing to New York and sending back out into the world a wide range of musical theater pieces that have a few things in common.

Great New Music That Makes Room for Tunes

San Francisco Classical Voice: Allan Kozinn
Several new releases offering works by composers born in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, make clear that norms of what constitutes legitimate ‘new music’ have changed.

Report Argues Labels Still Beat DIY Approach, Even in Digital Age

Variety: Roy Trakin
A comprehensive report highlighting how record labels are evolving in the streaming age, commissioned by the RIAA from an academic at NYU, has cast a positive light on the music business moving forward.

Female Composers Are Trying to Break Film’s Sound Barrier
NY Times: Tim Greiving
A 2018 study by the University of Southern California revealed that for the top 100 fictional films at the box office every year from 2007 to 2017, only 16 female composers were hired, compared with more than 1,200 men.

Review: A ‘Sonic Great Wall’ Breaks Down Musical Barriers
The New York Times: Anthony Tommasini
Before conducting his immersive multimedia work “Resonant Theater: The Sonic Great Wall” on Monday Mr. Ruo asked audience members to “Write down what comes to mind when you think of a wall,” he said. “Any wall.”

Why Queen Was, and Still Is, Even Bigger Than ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’
Variety: Chris Willman
For anyone paying attention to the band's tour grosses or synchs, the film's nearly $200 million gross in the U.S. shouldn't be a huge surprise.

What ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘A Star Is Born’ get wrong about pop music
Los Angeles Times: Mikael Wood
It’s really disappointing to find how much old-fashioned thinking persists in these movies. Depicting the music scene as a place defined from the top down by compromise and artificiality.


The Shed, a Rare New Arts Center on the Hudson, Is Set to Open
The New York Times: Joshua Barone
On April 5, the Shed is set to join a rare lineage of new institutions that offer wide-ranging, interdisciplinary programming on a large scale, like Lincoln Center in the 1960s, or the Museum of Modern Art in the late ’20s.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Brings ‘Hamilton’ to a Troubled but Appreciative Puerto Rico
NY Times: Michael Paulson and Charo Henriquez
“Today Puerto Rico gave me more energy than ever in my life in that moment,” Mr. Miranda, speaking in Spanish, told reporters after the show. “I’ve never felt anything like that.”

San Diego Symphony Names First Principal Guest Conductor – Edo de Waart
Times of San Diego: Chris Jennewien
The popular conductor begins his new role — a first for the symphony — in the 2019-20 season by conducting the orchestra for three to four weeks a year. The initial agreement is for three years.

At GlobalFest, a World of Music, Costumes and Messages

The New York Times: Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim
GlobalFest, which took over the Copacabana nightclub near Times Square for the first time this year, is an annual showcase of music from all corners of the earth.

Black Music Executives Are Rising Faster In 2019
Billboard: Gail Mitchell
Some of the executives who received major appointments in 2018 include LaTrice Burnette, Amber Grimes, Darcus Beese and Columbia’s Fant.

Cornelia Street Café, a Pillar of Greenwich Village Experimentation, Closes Its Doors

The New York Times: Giovanni Russonello
After almost 42 years, the club, which hosted jazz, comedy, burlesque, “The Vagina Monologues” and more, falls victim to rising real estate costs.

A New Company Rises From the Ashes of Gotham Chamber Opera
The New York Times: Michael Cooper
Founder, of the Gotham Chamber Opera, Neal Goren, is back in business.

Anthony Braxton Composes Together Past, Present and Future
NY Times: Seth Colter Walls
Anthony Braxton retired from academia in 2013, but at 73, he is far from idle.

Philip Glass and John Adams on a Bowie-Inspired New Symphony
The New York Times
Three years to the day after the death of David Bowie, two eminences of American music will come together in Los Angeles to pay tribute.

Dennis Johnson, 80, Creator of a Rediscovered Minimalist Score, Dies
The New York Times: Allan Kozinn
Dennis Johnson was a trailblazing Minimalist composer who wrote a six-hour piano meditation of repeated notes and long pauses that went unheard for 50 years before being rediscovered.


Kevin Fret, Openly Gay Latin Trap Artist, Is Shot and Killed in Puerto Rico
The New York Times: Karen Zraick
Kevin Fret, a Puerto Rican social media star who billed himself as the first openly gay Latin trap artist was fatally shot while riding his motorcycle.

Brodsky Quartet acquires new violinist
The Strad
Gina McCormack joins the ensemble in May 2019

Artemis Quartet welcomes two new members
The Strad
Harriet Krijgh and Suyoen Kim will join the ensemble from June 2019.


David Bowie Blows Your Mind in Augmented Reality
Superhype: ddeal
David Bowie visited my home on his birthday this week. He sang “Life on Mars” in my dining room. He performed a mime on my front porch. He showed me the handwritten lyrics to “Ashes to Ashes” while I was sitting on my sofa. All thanks to a mind-blowing augmented reality app, David Bowie Is.

Spotify’s most personalized playlist is now for sale to brands
Vox: Kaitlyn Tiffany
Discover Weekly was a triumph of algorithm and curation, and now it’s an ad product.

With Stocks In Flux, Why Analysts Think the Music Business Can Weather a Possible Recession
Billboard: Steve Knopper
As stocks founder and analysts warn of a possible recession, the music business could face another storm — and come through better than it did in 2008.


An Airline Destroyed this Precious 17th-Century Instrument, but the Repair Work is Spectacular
ClassicFM: Maddy Shaw Roberts
The owner of a 17th-century instrument was left devastated after a 2018 an Alitalia flight, but we're delighted to report that there's been a happy ending.

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