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WEEKLY DIGEST | 04/01/2019
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'It’s all from the same dead white guys': Meet the Chicagoans Pushing for Gender Equity in Classical Music
Chicago Tribune: Darcel Rockett
Since 2018, the 5th Wave Collective, a volunteer-based group of more than 115 musicians, has performed works by more than 50 female composers via 12 concerts throughout Chicagoland.

When Women Take the Baton
NYR Daily: Maya Chung
Originally from Fairbanks, Alaska, Ponchione now lives in the UK, conducting professionally and pursuing research at Oxford. She is highly attuned to the pervasive lack of gender equality in classical music, the role of physicality in conducting, and how these two things may be linked.


Ripped-Off Riffs? Rise in Plagiarism Claims Unnerves Pop Songwriters
NY Times: Ben Sisario
It’s not easy to be a songwriter in the pop world these days. Listeners rarely see your name. For anything but a giant hit, royalties from streaming are infinitesimal — and big tech companies seem to want to keep it that way.

Raymond Wise: Entrepreneur of the Month

Project Jumpstart
Exploring our March theme, Unapologetically You, we caught up with Dr. Wise to chat about his career and vast experiences

Tchaikovsky: Polestar of the Music of the Future
The Times Literary Supplement: Simon Morrison
Simon Morrison considers the mix of conservatism and irreverent innovation in the music of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

Janet Jackson and Stevie Nicks Speak Up for Women at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
NY Times: Ben Sisario
It was the women who left the strongest impression this year at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s class of 2019, and who made the most powerful statements at the microphone.


How the Shed Can Live Up to Its Hype: Focus on the Artists
The New York Times: Zachary Woolfe
As the arts center rolls out its inaugural season, we offer our hopes not only for its future, but also for New York’s broader cultural landscape.

New String Quartet Incorporating Brain Waves to be Premiered by the JACK Quartet

The Strad
During the performance, members of the quartet will be outfitted with sensors that detect brain activity.

Michael Tilson Thomas on life, the San Francisco Symphony and Beethoven
The Washington Post: Anne Midgette
Once a bad boy of American music has become one of its gray eminences, but he’s remained one of its great communicators all along.

Conductor Luis Biava, 85, a Philadelphia Orchestra and Temple University mainstay

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Peter Dobrin
Luis Biava joined the Philadelphia Orchestra in 1968 as a violinist and ended up staying more than three decades, but he never had a title that fully captured everything he meant to the ensemble and the organization.

Lang-Lessing to End Tenure with the San Antonio Symphony After 2019-2020 Season
Rivard Report: Nicholas Frank
Upon departure, Lang-Lessing offers a $100,000 challenge grant to help the Symphony maintain its recent fundraising momentum.

The Met’s ‘Ring Cycle’ Stars Explain How the ‘Machine’ affects their Singing

Observer: Mary von Aue
The Met’s 2019 production of the Ring Cycle invested more time and innovation into the intimidating set piece, reworking the machine so that it would be quieter as it transforms from deep seas to mythic skies.


As Brexit Chaos Reigns, What Does it Really Mean for Theatre?
The Stage (UK): Mark Shenton
Performing arts exports to Europe – alongside music and visual arts – are worth £360 million to the UK, but that and numerous jobs are under threat from a disorderly departure from the EU.

Edinburgh Festival Sets Contemporary Tone amid 'Darker' Political Themes
The Guardian: Severin Carrell
This year’s Edinburgh international festival will explore gender politics, racism, masculinity and homophobia in a response to political challenges around the world.

Meet BSO Resound, the Ensemble of Disabled Musicians Changing the Classical Music World
Classic FM: Elizabeth Davis
Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s BSO Resound has spent a year challenging assumptions about what disabled musicians can do, and they’re just getting started. Classic FM went to Cornwall to meet them.

Sir Edward Elgar Manuscript found in Autograph Book
A piece of music signed by Sir Edward Elgar has sold for £5,400 at auction, following its discovery nearly a century after being written.

From Venezuela's Concert Halls to the Streets of Colombia

BBC: Video
Rosana Garcia used to play violin for a philharmonic orchestra in Venezuela, but now she is busking on the streets of Bogota, Colombia.

What’s next for Barenboim and the Staatsoper?
The Elephant in the Opera: Jeffrey Arlo Brown and Hartmut Welscher
What’s next for the Staatsoper Berlin? As the dust settles on the Barenboim debate, we attempt to make sense of the discussion and analyze what the Staatsoper can learn from it.

Meet the Teens Creating a Generation Gap in Music
The Guardian: Alexis Petridis
Instead of radio or the music press, today’s teens are discovering songs in the background of YouTube videos – creating a new breed of superstars unknown to adults

Luthier Develops Concept of the Itinerant Workshop
The Strad
With the itinerant workshop, housed in a van or truck, Lydie Sauzet plans to go wherever the work is.

The $1 Billion waiting for Artists who know Where to Look

Rolling Stone: Amy X. Wang
SoundExchange pays out nearly $1 billion to musicians each year, but the lack of attention around it highlights the music industry’s overall disorganization.


A Rostropovich Quiz
The Strad
Eh, hem… DMs, are you ready for your qualifying exams!?

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