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First and Second Prize Winners
of the 5th Annual Innovation Competition


Congratulations to the First Prize Winner of this year's Innovation Competition:
Alejandra Martinez!

Alejandra Martinez (top), DM student with a major in Voice Performance, won the competition First Prize ($900) with ¡La Capitana!, an opera project that explores identity politics and focuses on creating a diverse and sustainable audience for the art form. The theme of the opera celebrates Latinxs, typically under represented in opera audiences, as well as women, who make up a majority of opera attendees.

Emily King (middle), a BSOF student majoring in Clarinet Performance and Arts Management, earned a joint Second Prize ($200) with her project A Musical Chance: a project that brings awareness to the issues of accessibility and inclusion that exist in music education today, specifically in terms of children who have disabilities or special needs, and to provide access to music in schools for children of all abilities through comprehensive and flexible music programs designed to meet the needs of any child.

Monica Caldwell (bottom), a BM student majoring in Viola Performance, received a joint Second Prize ($200) with her project For the Culture Arts Initiative: a project that focuses on the lack of diversity in top-level music schools, and chooses to break the silence by uplifting promising artists and musicians at Historically Black Colleges and Universities with support by enhancing their potential, celebrating their heritage and perspective, and provides them with opportunities to heighten their level of professionalism.

"Project Jumpstart's Innovation Competition gave me the opportunity to share my passion with others and to refine the skills I need to most effectively communicate that passion. From the early days, I was paired with a mentor that guided me to find the most effective version of my idea. Creating a proposal, a valuable skill for any musician, made me consider the bigger picture and what value a project like ¡La Capitana! has for the future. Finally, competition day was, in many ways, like any performance - a time to share what you love with people who are eager to hear your voice."

- Alejandra Martinez, First Prize Winner of the 5th Annual Innovation Competition


The judges were Dr. Donald Kuratko (Jack M. Gill Chair of Entrepreneurship at the Kelley School of Business, Executive and Academic Director of the Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation), Monika Herzig (SPEA Senior Lecturer and renowned jazz musician), Nathan Davis (Arts Policy Researcher at JSoM and SPEA), Martina Celerin (Bloomington Artist and Arts Innovator, Arts Commissioner City of Bloomington), and Curtis Smith (Composer, Director of the Ivy Tech Center for Lifelong Learning, Project Jumpstart Alumnus).
The competition final round was hosted by the Kelley School's Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


A big congratulations to the other four finalist!


Dominic King | eqlsr

eqlsr is a social music platform that aims to give power back to people by decentralizing ownership, extracting value from users and compensating people who create and curate social music experiences. eqlsr gives users all the tools necessary to build and monetize rich, musical content and communities.
Dal Segno Lawson Long | Nature Speaks

Nature Speaks incorporates music into nature with the goals to bring awareness to the natural landscapes around the state of Indiana, inspire a more active lifestyle, and create non-traditional performance venues that are more friendly to the community.
Chamber Robert Mack | Short Dance Film Project

The Short Dance Film Project will involve producing and marketing a short dance film online and to major dance organizations as a way to explore ballet's potential to innovate, interact with 21st century media, and inspire a broader appreciation of the art form.

Translucent Mirrors

Ryan Peterson | StemShare

StemShare is a social networking platform that connects musicians and producers across the world. The platform gives the users opportunities to share their raw audio/MIDI tracks with one another, as well as facilitates collaborations through video chatting and screen sharing.

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